Author name: Meetu Sehgal

Meetu Sehgal is a Personal Transformation and Emotional Wellness Coach, Trainer, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Healer and Counselling Psychologist. With 13+ years of experience in her field, she has been passionately working with individuals helping them with personal transformation, resolve health, wealth and relationship challenges through therapeutic coaching.  She offers personal sessions, trainings, EFT, Inner Child Work, NLP, Tarot, Reiki and Angel Therapy. 

Forms of Meditations

Forms of Meditation

There are many forms of meditation. Everyone’s idea of meditation is very different. You don’t need to adhere to the idea of a yogi sitting cross-legged with eyes closed to meditate. Make everyday activity of your life into


Karma and Destiny – A New perspective on Tarot and allied sciences

[pullquote-left]“Sow a Thought, Reap an Action; Sow an Action, Reap a Habit; Sow a Habit, Reap a Character; Sow a Character, Reap a Destiny.”[/pullquote-left] Nothing holds truer than this fact. And it is this fact which is the truth behind the working of Tarot (or in fact the workings of all the sciences like Astrology, …

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Magic of Numbers-2

Numerology or the science of numbers is all about relating numbers to your everyday life. In the previous issue, I discussed about how to find out your basic numbers i.e. Destiny number, Talent number, birthday number and name number. I also discussed about numbers from 1 to 9. Besides these basic numbers, there are compound …

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Magic of Numbers

Numerology is the science of numbers. Its simplicity and accuracy in describing people and events makes this science popular, interesting and easy to learn. The numbers contain the mystery of the creation of the universe. Each number is associated with a vibration which is similar to the vibration of various planets. This was referred to …

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Simple Ways to Heal your Mind and Body – III – Channeling Emotions

Emotions are an excellent and powerful form of energy. Though ignored, demeaned and devalued, emotions are actually valuable messages from deep within the wisdom of the soul. When channeled properly, they can bring about changes and manifestation of your goals very easily. Hope you enjoyed the first 2 parts of this series of Simple Ways …

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The greatest challenge for anyone is the annihilation of the Ego. The ego is illusory but while it is there, it haunts, taunts and persecutes all of us. Here’s a Zen story that illustrates the influence of ego. The Prime Minister of the Tang Dynasty was a national hero for his success as both a …

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It has been said that the longest distance you will ever travel is the journey from your head to your heart. This is the gift of Sodalite.  It clears up mental confusion and re-establishes inner peace.  Sodalite strengthens the power of mind over body and bridges the gap between your thoughts and your feelings. Keep it in your pockets and …

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