Message for the 7th Day of Navratri

Undying Love
Isolt – Undying Love from Goddess Guidance cards

It is said that only love is real. But do we really understand love or know love? I have known many forms of love and I believe so have you, like caring, worrying, being there, thinking of the loved one, guiding them, doing whats best for them etc. But is it love? Love may be a combination of these things but what is love really?

The message for the day says that the love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation.

Real love is something that you feel within. It is not directed to someone, it is not for someone or something. Real love is something that we all can experience only inside our hearts. When we fall in love with someone, we experience a glimpse of that love inside us – the warmth in the heart, the cosy mushy feelings in the body, everything feels good, looks good, the world looks like a pleasant place to be in.

But when we fall out of love or are not experiencing the rush of new love, life feels dull without any charm.

It doesn’t mean that the love comes from someone else. Only we are able to access that love inside us through an external stimulus – this could be a person or an animal.

The truth is that love is inside us. We are love. We have the capacity to be loving to everyone and everything around us. All that is needed is to access it. The best way to access love is to fall in love with ourself.

When I treat myself with care, listen to myself, that is when I am loving myself. When I take care of my body, give it what it needs; when I take care of my emotions and mental health; when I listen to my body and heart and am present for myself and my needs, I am loving myself.

Be present for yourself. That is when you will begin to experience love.

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