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In this new age, the definition and meaning of the word ‘Spirituality’ has become varied and is often misconstrued with fear, religion and a monk sitting in meditation on a lonely Himalayan mountain.

But spirituality is much beyond this faulty image. It is an inherent part of who we are. Because truly, we are spiritual being having a human experience. 

The purpose of Ezine Kaleidoscope is to bring the true essence of spirituality to our readers and make it so accessible that it doesn’t feel like an alien overwhelming concept anymore. Our aim is to make it a part of everyone’s everyday life. 

If every living moment can be full of awareness, there will be joy and bliss in the world

-Meetu Sehgal

Ezine Kaleidoscope began in November 2010 as a journey towards spirituality, awareness and making the spiritual tools accessible to all in a simple understandable manner. 

It is our vision and mission to create awareness and remove the element of fear from spirituality and all things related. It is vested in light and that’s what we want to bring to the life of everyone who reads us.

About the Founder 

Meetu Sehgal
Meetu Sehgal

Meetu Sehgal is a personal transformation coach, trainer, tarot consultant, healer, author and a counselling psychologist. Any healing – emotional, mental or physical – is incomplete without the spiritual aspect to it. It was this thought that propelled her to start this blog which was an online magazine when it started.

An author herself, with great interest in reading and writing, her focus is always on bringing more light and awareness into people’s lives. She is also the founder of Divine Innovations under which she practices and offers personal sessions, trainings and workshops. 

From the last 13 years, she has been working with people from varied backgrounds, especially with Highly Sensitive People and Empaths and has been helping people heal their emotional baggage, blocks and self-sabotaging patterns to help them create a life of ease, confidence and joy. She offers personal sessions, trainings, EFT, Inner Child Work, NLP, Tarot, Reiki and Angel Therapy. 

Contact: info@ezinekaleidoscope.com

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