Astrology – A Way Of Life

astrology.jpgAn individual’s life is a series of cause and effect. Astrology endeavours to study the relationship between these two. The position of planets at the time of birth and the cosmic rays coming from them charts the course of events in a person’s life. The effects can be positive or negative. It is human tendency not to accept any negative effect and to expect only positive results. Therein comes the need for remedies which are meant to and sometimes do, to some extent, mitigate the ill-effects of planets.

However, Astrology promises much more. When a person is born, various planets occupy different positions. These are depicted in a format called the birth-chart or “horoscope”. It is the blue print of a person’s life. Study of the horoscope throws light on all the facets of an individual’s personality. An analysis of the chart and guiding an individual accordingly can ensure a happy and balanced life. It would be interesting to know that astrology lays great importance on environmental factors too! Thus the strong points in a person can be emphasised and weak points handled carefully to turn them to a person’s advantage. The varied positions and powers of the planets are pointers to this. Would it not then be a better idea to lead a life as per the promise of the horoscope?

This can be very easily understood by an example- If a child’s horoscope suggests the course of study should be literature, what good can he delivered by becoming an engineer? Not only a literary talent will be wasted, but the child could be a failure professionally leading a frustrated life.

Similarly, the health profile can be checked by reading the chart and preventive measures taken to prevent the manifestation of the diseases. Ailments that are genetic in nature can also be identified and their onset delayed by taking precautions.

Let us talk about the obstacles we all face from time to time in our life. These may be in health, studies, profession, relationships etc. This can also be read from the horoscope and instead of calling upon the remedies to overcome them, a change in attitude or life-style can go a long way to solve the problems permanently. We often see two persons reacting to the same problem differently; this is due to different attitudes which are governed by personality traits which in turn are governed by the different placement of planets in the birth -chart. Though the placement and the power of the planets cannot be changed, external inputs can be given to bring about positive changes in the personality and the attitude of the person thereby enabling him to react in a constructive manner.

It is every individual’s wish to lead a happy and a successful life. The divine will also wishes the same for all individuals. Astrology is a bridge connecting us to the divine will. Let us take our cues from astrology, facing the past effects positively and not adding to the list of the causes there by leading contented lives.

Archana Sharma

Archana Sharma is an M.Phil in Life Sciences and practises in Astrology, Numerology and alternative therapies. She is currently pursuing research in Medical Astrology.

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