What’s in a Calabash?

Feng-Shui-Wu-LuWell it’s your health. A Calabash or a Wu-Lu as it is called is symbolic of longevity and health. According to Chinese mythology, Wu-Lu is associated with the god of longevity (Sau Sing). Wu-Lu, as such, is a dried gourd believed to hold the elixir of health and longevity.

As tradition would have it, a Wu-Lu was used as a water container and Taoist monks used it to absorb evil spirits and imprison them for life. The Wu-Lu has a typical shape and represents the amazing integration of heaven, earth and mankind. The top half is heaven and the bottom half is earth.

A Wu-Lu when placed in the eastern sector of your living room or the dining room brings about good health of the whole family.

Hanging a Wu-Lu in the car prevents accidents as it absorbs poison and kills shar chi’ (negative energy) and thus acts as a protective shield.

If a person is prone to sickness, a Wu-Lu hung in the bedroom or by the bedside prevents occurrence of health problems.

Place or hang a set of Wu-Lus on both sides of the bed of a person suffering from long drawn sickness.

Archana Sharma

Archana Sharma is an M.Phil in Life Sciences and practises in Astrology, Numerology and alternative therapies. She is currently pursuing research in Medical Astrology.

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