Simple Ways to Heal – Grounding

  • Do you feel tired and drained most of the time?
  • Have you been experiencing lowered immunity and feeling sick a lot?
  • Do you feel a sense of failure, loss of motivation and self-doubt?
  • Do you feel helpless, trapped, and defeated?
  • Have you been having an increasingly cynical and negative outlook?
  • Do you resort to food, drugs or alcohol to cope with these situations?
  • Do you feel isolated from others?
  • Have you been taking out your frustrations on other? Simple-Ways-to-Heal-Grounding.jpg

If you answered yes to two or more of the above, read on…

Our hectic lifestyle and the rat-race has created a huge disconnect with ourselves. Without personal connection to our own spirituality, we tend to live in ignorance to ourselves which has lead to the symptoms of dis-ease you read above.

Your body and emotions hold more healing power than any outside force ever will. Whether you believe it or not, everyone is blessed with intuition and self-healing powers. When we are hurt, our hands automatically go to the injured part. It is nothing but hands on healing which we today refer to as “Healing” or “Reiki”.

Healing is simply a process of awareness, intention and discovery. It is about dealing with the issues you face and the issues which you created. The first step to healing is getting you grounded.

What is Grounding?

The process of connecting to the present is called grounding. When you felt a sigh of contentment as you ate a perfect meal, you experienced grounding. When you felt relaxed and at ease as you got a relaxing back massage, you experienced grounding. Anything that brings you back to the present giving you sense of release and relaxation is grounding. People who are not grounded tend to be unfocused, unsettled, stressful and tend to control everything around them. Grounding is the first step towards a healthy and joyful living.

 How to Ground yourself?

Sit upright in a straight-backed chair with your arms and legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the floor. Place your right hand on your belly just above your pubic bone and your left hand behind you at the very base of your tailbone.

Close your eyes and envision a circular energy centre inside your pelvis, right between your hands. (This is your first chakra called the Root Chakra.) It is usually visualized as a circular red colour disk of 3 to 5 inches in diameter. This disk is firmly anchored in your body and contains constant and unlimited supply of energy.

Now see a cord or a tube of this same energy moving straight downward out of your body through the chair and into the floor beneath you. Remember, you are not draining your chakra as it contains unlimited supply of energy.

Keep breathing and see your grounding cord moving further downward through the foundation of the building you are in, into the layers of the ground below you and down into the centre of the planet. Anchor your cord to the centre of the planet firmly as a tree with roots that wraps around the centre of the planet, as a waterfall with a constant unwavering downward flow.

Feel the strong connection between the centre of pelvis and centre of earth. Call your full birth name down your cord three times or see your name written all over the energy that swirls through it. This is your grounding cord! If you cannot seem to create a perfect cord in one go, it’s OK. Keep at it. Keep an open mind. You will be able to ground soon enough.

Uses of Grounding

Grounding out Attitudes

All of us routinely pick up and nurture messages, attitudes and ideologies that do not belong to us and are not growth-enhancing. These could be as trivial as “Don’t talk with your mouth full”, or as deep as “People won’t love you until you are perfect.” Grounding helps you find out which attitudes are authentic and which are artificial. If an idea or attitude is not comforting or healing, it needs to be grounded.

Grounding out Pain

You can ground out pains or aches with this technique. Pain is nothing to be afraid of. Its only a signal that something is wrong. Without pain, you wouldn’t be aware of danger in your environment or illness in your body. Grounding lets your body know that you are listening and acting on its messages.

Grounding our Negative Energy

Our aura body is like a sponge. It soaks up negative and positive energies and messages from our environment and from people we meet or talk to. Negative energy is a collection of negative and fearful thoughts. These thoughts stick to our aura and bodies and hamper our connection to the universe and affect our clear thinking and relationships. Grounding helps in releasing these negative energies and cleansing our aura and body.

It is a technique not just for healers but for everyone who wants to live a sane life. Grounding is about becoming centred, calm and focussed in the present. Like they say “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why we call it the present.”

Love and Light!!

Meetu Sehgal

Meetu Sehgal, Personal Transformation Coach, EFT Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Tarot Reader and Holistic Healer, is Masters is Psychology and MBA graduate from SRCC, Delhi University. Through her training and coaching sessions, she has been passionately working with individuals helping them resolve health, wealth and relationship challenges. You can reach her at or

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