Message for the 1st Day of Navratri

Mother Earth
Goddess MAWU – Mother Earth

Taking care of mother earth is just like taking care of our home and bodies. This is where we live. In order to take care of the mother earth, we don’t necessarily have to be environmentalists. Sometimes the best help and action is to help ourself.

Environmentalism is about taking care of the environment. If that is your life’s calling, then follow that. however, it not the life calling for many people, you can still contribute to the environmentalism by being positive. It sounds like a cliche but think of it in this manner.

The ones who pollute the earth have no respect for the earth that they live on. Which means they have no respect for the home they live on and in or their bodies. Someone who doesn’t respect their own home and body means they must have experienced disrespect or the attitude/behaviour where respecting yourself was not a priority or was not allowed. This belief or attitude creates scars in the psyche of the person.

If you begin to heal these scars, begin to respect and love who you are, your body and your home, you will automatically start respecting your environment as well. You will not only be physically taking care of your environment but also mentally sending out more positive vibes.

It all begins from you!

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