Message for the 2nd Day of Navratri

Abundantia – Prosperity

Abundance is a natural state of being. If you are not abundant in any area of life, it means you are stopping the flow of life in that area.

Usually when we are in fear or stress, we experience tightness in our body muscles. This cause the blood flow and energy flow to get restricted. Prolonged stress and fear in the body can cause lower levels of energy in the whole body or a particular area of body. It simply means that the energy is not in free flow.

The moment we relax into the present, our body relaxes and the flow resumes. Similarly, when we are in fear or stress about money, finances, savings and expenditure, we block the flow of abundance in our life.

In such times, remember to breathe and allow the flow. Imagine you are floating in the universe and abundance if flowing through you very easily. There is no need to stop the flow either coming in or going out. Just let it flow. This will help you come into the flow mode and allow abundance to enter your life again.

Just remember to relax!

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