Message for the 6th Day of Navratri

Guiding Children
Damara – Guiding Children from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

Each of us has a child within us. It is not necessarily the childish part of us but the part that likes to have fun, is emotional, loves to connect with others and knows exactly what it wants.

If you ever find yourself in doubt, ask your inner child for guidance. The inner child is so pure and still connected to the divine, that its easy for it to find guidance in any given situation. It is also the part that is most often abused and abandoned – first by others then by us.

This abandoned part of us wants to get attention to heal itself but it doesn’t understand how to get that attention in a healthy manner. Also we don’t know how to give attention without judgement and expectations. Because of this, we end up doing behaviours that we are sometimes not very proud of like – getting angry on our dear ones, feeling irritated all the time, not being able to trust others, self-sabotaging behaviours etc.

This card is a message for us to take care and pay attention to our inner child. Listen, respond, give the child what it needs, talk to your inner child, if it is feeling bad or hurt, stay with the child and soothe him/her. Treat your inner child just as you would treat your own child. All that is needed is some attention and love.

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