Message for the 5th Day of Navratri

Golden Opportunity
Yemanya – Golden Opportunity from Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

Whenever we listen to our intuition, get out of our own way, universe offers us opportunities hat can alter the course of our life. Listening to intuition is all about being open to receiving the information that comes through and not giving the universe a script of how we want things to happen.

Listening is a skill that few people have. Most often we hear what we want to hear. We are more interested in talking about ourself rather than listening to what our inner voice wants to tell us. How many times in a conversation with someone have you spoken more than you listened? A balance is needed. If you want to create a relationship, listen deeply, not just to what they are saying but also to how they are saying it and what they really mean by it.

Listening is one of the most essential skill because if you are open to listening to ideas, people and you inner voice, you will find that life opens up many doors for you.

Another skill is getting out of our own way. What does it really mean?

Sometimes we get so hung up on getting something that we desire that we keep trying too hard for it to materialise without realising what this effort is costing us. Also, if we try too hard sometimes we push things away. It is especially true about people. The harder we try, the more they move away. But if you just be yourself, doing what you do, being what you are and allow things and life to unfold, beautiful things and relationships come to you.

So open up to listening, get out of your own way and allow life to open up doors of golden opportunity for you.

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