Moving Up the Chakra Ladder – A Peek at Personal Growth Story

Chakra Ladder

Personal growth involves moving up the Chakra Ladder. We can also say that when we grow as individuals, our consciousness moves up from base chakras to our higher chakras.

Chakras are energy centres in the body. All chakras have different vibrational levels. Physical chakras i.e the lower three chakras – Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra – have denser grosser vibrations than the upper chakras – Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakra.

The Journey through the Chakras

Root Chakra

When the vibration of a person is at a very gross level, his consciousness is at the Root chakra. His life revolves around the basic necessities and issues of survival and security. His focus is on money, livelihood, survival and creating a base for him/herself. It is a fear based lifestyle where a person trying to create security for himself and his family in the form of money, food and shelter. When his needs are met, he starts thinking on a higher plane.

Sacral Chakra

His thoughts then involve questions of his identity – personal, sexual, social. His vibrations correspond to the Sacral chakra. The person is trying to create a space for himself, identifying with one or more things like work, relationships, sexual orientation and lifestyle choices. This phase is about creating one’s identity.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Once the person is sorted out at that plane, he starts looking beyond himself towards people around him and thus begins a comparison of where he/she stands in relation to others. This may foster feelings of superiority or inferiority, jealousy, rage, anger and he starts working on the vibrational plane of Solar Plexus. This tends to lead to power struggles, issues with giving away one’s power and becoming a victim or taking away someone else’s power and becoming a victimizer.

This phase continues until the person realizes that whether he/she is a victim or a victimizer, he is still part of a power struggle keeping him stuck in his personal growth. He works towards raising his own vibrations by improving himself and letting go of his Ego. If he doesn’t do this then his vibrations become dense again and he descends.

So the main focus of Solar Plexus chakra is “Karma” or Action. The person has to choose whether to stay at the same place, ascend or descend with his actions. If this action is directed inward towards the choice of not participating in the power struggle or the drama, his vibrational level raises to the plane of the Heart Chakra.

Heart Chakra and the Higher Chakras

As we move up the chakras, the vibrations become more subtle. At the Heart Chakra level, the person starts feeling and wanting a sense of belonging or companionship. He starts thinking of family and society. If the lower chakras have been balanced and purified, his ascension process will continue. If his love for others is unconditional and pure, he ascends into more subtle vibrations…

The whole story of personal growth is about choice – what choices do we take in our role in the life and in the society. Are we going to look at the larger vision of our magnificent creation and evolve as individuals or are we going to stay attached and embroiled in the everyday drama?

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