Cut Your Cords – Clear Your Attachments

Cut Your CordsSince the last few days, it seems there is a wave of intense energy in the universe that is prompting changes in many people’s lives. Whenever change happens at the deeper levels of the being, a lot of repressed stuff and patterns come up to be addressed and healed. This is not a comfortable phase as the emotions that are triggered by the changes happening in current relationships and workplace and past events and memories that are surfacing can be too intense to handle.

In such times, it is important to know and be equipped with some tools to handle your emotions and thoughts. One of the most powerful tools to handle emotions that I have known is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Once the emotions settle, it is easier to look into the event and understand what’s really going on and what needs to be done. 

Another simple technique that can be used additionally is cord cutting. In our everyday life, whenever we interact with anyone in any way, energetic cords are formed between them and us. If you have been feeling drained and exhausted off late especially after interacting with someone physically or over the phone or Internet, you may have negative energy cords attached to them. If you have a problematic association or interaction with someone and you are connected to them strongly on an emotional level, the cord cutting can help you immensely by clearing the negative energy and creating space for clearer communication.

How to cut cords

Step 1: Find a quiet place, you can do this process standing or sitting. Visualize or imagine the person in front of you and notice energy cords attached between you and them. Take your time; they could be anywhere on or in your body. 

Step 2: once you have spotted them, imagine cutting them with a knife, scissor or sword. Alternatively you can also ask your mentor to cut your cords. 

Step 3: Pull out the loose end of the cord(s) hanging from your body and burn them in the fire of unconditional love. Take in any positive learnings from it by breathing in.

If the relationship or association is very strong with that person, you may have to do this process repeatedly over a few days until you feel clear of their energies from your body.

This is a powerful way to clear your energies and aura, helps you detach from people and situations and gives you a better perspective into your relationships.

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