What Healing Is and Is Not

What Healing is and is notHealing is a term used to describe any process that brings about balance and harmony in your mind, body and soul. To consider it a magic wand that will remove all your problems and issues is a mistake at best and foolishness at worst.

Especially when it comes to energy healing like Reiki, people expect healers to wave a magic wand and remove all their troubles. They also expect Reiki to change other’s minds and behaviours. Somehow the concept of free will eludes everyone.

However, I do not blame them. We have not learnt the concept of free will ever. We have always been taught to think about others, we have been forced to do or follow stuff just because our teachers and parents have done the same.

Rarely have we been encouraged to question why we do something. Consequently, we do not understand the concept of free will, the concept that someone else may have their own decisions and choices. This basic fact eludes us especially when we are in love.

Many lovers call me asking if healing can help their beloved love and talk to them again – the beloved who is now estranged/angry/annoyed/not talking/doesn’t want to talk. They are so stuck in their love (infatuation or attachment is a more appropriate word here) that they fail to see what they are asking for. They are asking us to manipulate someone else’s feelings, thoughts, mind and behaviour.

When we tell them that healing cannot and should not be done without consent, they just don’t get it. Some even go to the point of saying then what is its use. How about you substitute the word sex instead of healing. Sex without consent is rape. Healing without consent is rape.

What healing is

  • Balancing your energy system
  • Balancing your mind, body and soul
  • Releasing any stuck energy in your system
  • Releasing negative or dense energy that is not letting you move ahead in – health, career, finance or relationships.
  • Releasing stuck energy and consequently patterns to help you manifest better life in all aspects
  • Helping you move out of a victim state into state where you take responsibility of your life.

What healing is not

  • It is not a magic wand that will remove all your problems.
  • It is not a means to control someone’s life according to your wishes.
  • It is not a power that makes you better than others.
  • It is not a panacea that can heal everything.
  • It is not a means of escape from your life and responsibilities.
  • It is not the solution to all your problems. It helps you deal with your problems better and helps you be more responsive to your surroundings and situations.

Next time you come across healing, think about yourself. What is it that needs to heal within you to manifest better life, relationships, career and money in your life?

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