A Leo’s Guide in Reaching their Dream Career

The sun is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign of the lion, Leo, making fire its main element. This gives you the dynamic energy that drives and motivates you in everything you do.

A Leo's Guide in Reaching their Dream Career
The totem of the zodiac greatly reflects the personality of the people born under it.

However, the planet ruling your profession is Venus, making you passionate, extravagant, and creative when it comes to your career path. There’s no stopping you once you’ve set your mind into something. Saturn also influences Leo’s professional destiny, which means that you require concentration to balance extravagances in work.

Achieving the Dream Career

Fortunately for Leos, the combination of the ruling planets makes up the perfect recipe for success. You have an ambitious nature brought about by your innate passion, creativity, and motivation.  You are also very intelligent, which allows you to think bigger than yourself, further driving your thirst for triumph.

Dealing with Leos in the Workplace

If you’re lucky to have a Leo work for you, you know that their strong sense of responsibility makes them loyal employees who would go to lengths to complete their job. They take a pioneering approach to be the first and the best at what they do.

Remember to recognize their work and praise them for the good job, though. Leos like the feeling that their efforts are not in vain and detest being overlooked or unappreciated. This might be because Leos enjoy being in the spotlight.

One thing that they can work on is their preference towards working alone, making teamwork a challenge for them. They are confident and generous, making them great leaders. But, they don’t take it lightly when the reins are taken away from them because they like getting things done their way. 

So, while taking the lead helps their teammates become the best, they should still learn to listen to other people’s suggestions.

The great thing about Leos is that once they achieved success, they make sure to share it with their friends and loved ones. In addition, they don’t just want to have the accomplishment for themselves; they encourage others to do their best as well, so they can reach their own goals.

The Perfect Careers for Leos

With those characteristics in mind, here are some of the professions that would be perfect for Leos.


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Leos aim to educate the younger generation

Your intelligence and knack for sharing wisdom can be helpful in teaching. As teachers, Leos get the chance to educate the next generation. In addition, you have a captive audience who would enjoy hearing interesting facts and do educational activities.




2. Executive/Entrepreneur

Your penchant for working alone and leading makes you especially effective as CEOs or Entrepreneurs who have people working hard for you. Being an executive allows you to control all aspects of the business. And like your totem, Leos are brave enough to make and handle big changes and bold moves that enterprises often undergo. 

3. Actor

A Leo's Guide in Reaching their Dream Career_2Seeing that you love being the center of attention and being creative, you can prosper as a stage or film actor, as well. Your confidence eliminates stage fright and helps you know how to work the audience.

The love of the spotlight makes Leos effective actors

4. Architect/Designer

Still banking on creativity, Leos can consider a job as architects or designers. These positions play crucial roles in many industries like fashion, marketing, landscaping, or interior design. With your eye for aesthetics and knowledge of design elements, you can surely make pieces that will catch the people’s attention.

5. Media Strategist

Being a media strategist requires analyzing the niche to find out which techniques to use to make an impactful message. Whether in advertising, content delivery, or social media, this work capitalizes on the Leos’ understanding of how audiences respond to different forms of communication.

6. Sales Representative

Leos possess the necessary traits that make for an excellent sales representative: confidence, motivation, drive for success, boldness, and adaptability to the fast-paced corporate environment.  You are primed for face-to-face, phone, or online chat sales jobs, making sure that you meet quotas and maximize your commission earnings.


Leos are headstrong, highly motivated individuals with a drive to stand out from the pack while exhibiting their creativity and talents. You’re a natural born leader who aims for more prominent roles in your chosen field, whether that’s in education, arts, or business.

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