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Numerology-meaingsNumerology is the science of numbers. Its simplicity and accuracy in describing people and events makes this science popular, interesting and easy to learn. The numbers contain the mystery of the creation of the universe. Each number is associated with a vibration which is similar to the vibration of various planets. This was referred to as “Music of the Spheres” by Pythagoras.

Basic numbers are from 0 to 9. Beyond 9, all numbers are combinations of two or more numbers. Although there are many systems of numerology (Chaldean, Kabbalah, and Pythagorean etc), Pythagorean numerology is by far the best known and the most widely used by modern numerologists. The Pythagorean system of numerology takes its name from Pythagoras, an ancient Greek philosopher, who is famous for his Theorems in Geometry (sum of the squares of two perpendicular sides of a right angled triangle is equal to the square on the third side called hypotenuse.)

In Numerology, every alphabet is assigned a number. It differs in different schools. Here we will be looking at the Pythagorean system of numbers.

Each number has an associated quality about it. Before we go to description of numbers, let’s see how to find out your basic numbers. The name of a person and the complete date of birth determine two most important numbers in the life of a person.

Destiny Number

It is the sum of all the alphabets in your full name. It represents the purpose of life, the environment, opportunities and the mission one came for on earth. This is how you calculate the Destiny number. Refer the table above for values for each alphabet. (If you noticed carefully, the values of the alphabets are 1 to 9 respectively.) Add up all the numbers. We reduce to compound numbers to single digit by adding the elements of compound number.

Example:     ROSHAN                 SINGH

                    9+6+1+8+1+5    1+9+5+7+8

                        30/3                        30/3          = 30+30 = 60(6+0) = 6

 Talent Number: It is the sum of month, date and year of birth. It shows the talents, characteristics which a person is born with and the major lesson to be learnt in this life time. This number is about what you are. This is also your lucky number.

Example:   2- November (11) – 1937

                   2+1+1+1+9+3+7=24(2+4) = 6

Birthday Number: It is the date on which you were born. In the above example, birthday number is 2. It is less important than the Talent number yet it plays a role in modifying the overall effects of numbers.

Name Number: It is the sum of the alphabets of the first name. In the above example, Name number is 3 (Total of the name ROSHAN)

Meanings of Numbers

The name of a person is the autobiography of life and events. Every number carries behind it a vibrations and a spiritual force. Having gained the numerological insights, one can very well find how and why somebody behaved or is likely to behave.

Each number has a positive and negative quality associated with it. Below is a brief explanation for each number.

Number 1

Ruler – Sun 

One number represents initiative, courage, will power, determination, individuality, leadership abilities, ambition, and new beginnings. On the negative side, number one people never turn for help to others even when faced with problems, are boastful, egoistic, aggressive, impulsive and dominating. They need to listen to other’s opinions and ideas as well.

Number 2

Ruler – Moon 

Number two represents harmony, duality, peace, group work, partnership, diplomacy, and adaptability. Those with number 2 as Destiny number like to work in groups and are flexible in their approach. On the negative side, influence of number 2 can make the person confused, dependent, over-sensitive, shy and are too much detail oriented. They need a lot of encouragement and assurance.

Number 3

Ruler – Jupiter

3 is the number of creativity, talents, imagination, inspiration, optimism, good luck and cheerfulness. The luckiest of all numbers, number 3 people are gifted with energy, confidence and talent. However, the negative aspect of number 3 is moodiness, exaggeration, critical and unforgiving. If number 3s are admired and loved, they are cheerful and happy. But if you hurt them, god save you; they never forgive and forget.

Number 4

Ruler – Uranus/Rahu

Number 4 people are constructive, systematic, orderly, practical, down to earth, responsible, steady, efficient and faithful. They like to have things organized and structured. You will find many engineers and architects have number 4 as their Destiny or Talent number. The negative side of 4 is lack of imagination; they like to stick to the written word or instruction. They are stubborn, argumentative, workaholics and resist change.

Number 5

Ruler – Mercury

Mercury is the trickster, diplomat, adventurous, traveler and loves to talk. Number 5 people show all these qualities in abundance. They like change, get bored easily, are versatile, love freedom and are quick in thinking. Number 5s are so resourceful; give them any work and be assured they will do it by hook or by crook. But on the negative side, if the work stretches for too long, they are as likely to give it up. They are jack of all trades and master of none if not careful or persevering. Restlessness, nervousness and discontentment does not allow them to reach perfection.

Number 6

Ruler – Venus

Number 6 people are artistic, creative, responsible, fond of luxuries, dependable and generous. They like to be near their home and love harmony in their life and relationships. They are normally found in positions of authority. But too many 6 in the numerological chart can make the person too fond of luxuries and harmony that he starts living in his own world. It makes them fussy, trivial and arrogant. Too much love of duty and sacrifice can bring them many disappointments. Straightforwardness can create problems and ego for recognition makes them fall for flattery. The mantra for them is balance.

Number 7

Ruler – Neptune/Ketu

Number 7 is the number of God, occult, spirituality. These people are research oriented, analytical, intellectual, understanding, serious and strive to find logic behind everything. Strongest of all numbers, they get the luxuries on the earth plane as well as discover the divine laws. It is a mystic number – 7 days, 7 colours, 7 notes of music, 7 chakras in human body, and 7 petals of lotus. But 7s are also known for conservatism, lack of trust in others, confusions, depressed attitude at times and argumentative which can make them unpopular.

Number 8

Ruler – Saturn

Toughness, tenacity, executive ability, hard working, efficiency and materialism describe number 8. They are versatile people, capable of working for a cause, executing, administering as well as looking at the finer details of the work. Number 8 people are known for their awareness, power of judgement and capacity to handle any kind of situation and work (big or small). But 8 number people are not very lucky. They have to work really hard to achieve something in life. Being ruled by Saturn, the Taskmaster, number 8s have to pay off their karma at every step. Hence they tend to face more hardships than others. But Saturn also makes them strong and a wise person. Number 8 people are known to be workaholics, over ambitious, materialistic and obstinate. They have to make repeated efforts and money does not come easily. They should be involved in charities and humanitarian work.

Number 9

Ruler – Mars

3, 6 and 9 numbers are known as lucky numbers as money and fortune find their way easily to them. 9 number people are selfless, humanitarian, forgiving, compassionate, tolerant, broad minded, unorthodox, impulsive, intuitive and spiritual. 9 represents the near completion of a cycle. They are creative and imaginative and use their skills for the benefit of mankind. On the negative side, number 9s are moody, impulsive, at times selfish and possessive. They seek idealism in life and hence can be disappointed. Whenever they work with personal motives, pain and suffering is the result. But when they work for the greater good, they are recognized as great people and gentle souls. On the negative side, they are careless in money matters and if they don’t control their changeability, they can end up becoming jack of all and master of none.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. In the next issue, I will discuss about Karmic numbers (13, 14, 16 and 19), Master numbers (11, 22), how to find lucky numbers and about personal year (how a particular year will be for you).

Love and Light

-Meetu Sehgal

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