Magic of Numbers-2

NumbersNumerology or the science of numbers is all about relating numbers to your everyday life. In the previous issue, I discussed about how to find out your basic numbers i.e. Destiny number, Talent number, birthday number and name number. I also discussed about numbers from 1 to 9. Besides these basic numbers, there are compound numbers, master numbers and karmic numbers. 

Compound Numbers

Numbers starting from 10 onwards are compound numbers. In numerology, we reduce the compound numbers to single digit numbers by adding the digits. However, compound numbers also have a significance of their own. For example, numbers 6, 15 and 24 all add up to number 6; yet each of them will be different in practical usage because each will have the energy of the digits which compose the compound number. For example:

6 means love, harmony, justice etc.

15 (1+5=6) contains energies of 1 (independence) as well as 5 (freedom, adventurous) also besides the qualities of number 6. Hence, this number brings an enjoyable social life. There is a tendency to ignore the rules of society (number 5 and 1 at work here) and this can lead to problems through the opposite sex also if other numbers do not modify this force. 

24 (2+4=6) contains energies of 6 along with limitation and restrictions (number 4) on personal freedom due to involvement in affairs of family members (number 2). 

Hence, each number holds a different energy and interpretation depending upon the source number from which it comes. Therefore not every person having number 6 (born on 6, 15 or 24) will have the same qualities. Similarly the rule applies for every other number. I am discussing a few compound numbers with significant meanings.

Number 10

Symbolized as the “Wheel of Fortune”, it is the number of honour and faith. 1 is the number of initiation, 0 is the point of intensification of energies and completion. Hence, one’s plans are likely to be carried out to completion. But one’s name will be known for good or evil according to one’s desires.

Number 12 (1+2=3)

It is a good number in the sense the person is headstrong (number 1) and gets help from his peers and is cooperative (number 2). Yet, there is a tendency of being victimized for plans of “others.”

Number 18 (1+8=9)

It indicates position of authority in some big organization. In business it shows good opportunities for expansion on philanthropic lines concerning the good of humanity. It also indicates a warning of treachery or deception; of struggle to prove oneself and prove your righteousness. 

Number 21 (2+1=3)

It represents emotional instability and confusion. There is a worry about what others think and feel about you hence not letting you fulfill your creative potential easily.

Number 26 (2+6=8)

It is the most difficult of all the numbers which add up to 8 (8, 17, 26). Although hard working, they tend to be low on confidence about their abilities and hence under estimate their value in professional and personal life. This could be due to unbalanced emotions (number 2), self indulgence (number 6) or neglecting details of work. There could be loss or deception from partnerships or associations. There people are sincerely advised not to work in partnerships.

Number 30 (3+0=3)

Qualities of number 3 are intensified making the person moody, impulsive, highly emotional resulting in negative results in relationships. It may also bring positive results if the energies are directed in the right direction. Such people live for the higher purpose of love and humanity. 

Besides these compound numbers, there are karmic numbers (13, 14, 16, 19) and Master numbers (11 and 22) which hold special significance. They are not reduced to single digit numbers for interpretation purposes as they hold great significance in any numerological reading. 

Master Numbers

The master numbers are powerful and full of potential. It requires time, great effort and wisdom to use their potential in our life. 

Number 11

11 is a number of intuitions, illumination, sensitivity and dreams. It is an exceptional number for extraordinary events and people. It contains the double energy of 1 (initiative and will power) and spiritual abilities of 2 blended together. It is a psychic’s number.  “The High Priestess” card Major Arcana number 2) in the tarot cards is also related to these qualities. It has been associated with great teachers, religionists, politicians, writers, artists and scientists. They have intense imagination and great intuitive abilities. Number 11 holds a great impact on the personal life of the person. They have difficulty in expressing themselves and have to really master the skill unless there are other supporting numbers. This number sometimes acts as a whip in the hands of nature to put you on the path of your life’s purpose. In the process, the person faces many hurdles, problems and difficulties which might seem daunting and unrelenting. Events in their lives are unpredictable – marriage, business, educational choices, jobs, losses, gains, misunderstandings, help from unknown sources, fame, status, prestige and so on. Life is kind of a mixed bag for them until they follow their life’s purpose after which life seems easy and fulfilling.

Many lessons are learnt as far as material life is concerned. But if the person is spiritual, forgiving, tolerant and understanding, it is a wonderful number of illumination. There are two extremes associated with number 11. On one hand it led to the downfall of tyrants like Hitler and Mussolini; on the other it led to the greatness of Christ, Lord Buddha, Ramkrishna Paramhansa (Guru of Swami Vivekananda). Therefore it is a powerful number; if used well, it can take a person to heights of glory unimagined.

Number 22

Number 22 is the number of a spiritual visionary or a Master Builder. It is the number of great spiritual power blended with practical manifestation (2+2=4). 2 is the number of peace and spirituality. Number 4 stands for practicality and hard work. Therefore such people have the abilities to manifest their visions and dreams about a better life for the mankind into reality. They can manifest the dreams and visions of the number 11 into real world. They are capable of handling big projects which bring them fame and power. The Hebrew language contains 22 alphabets and was considered the language of God. The tarot cards have 22 Major Arcanas from 0 to 21. Date of birth of Swami Vivekananda, the Master Visionary, is 12 January 1863 which totals to number 22. He wanted to rebuild respect for India’s culture, tradition and knowledge.

Number 22 people tend to take on projects which might be beyond their capacity. Hence they are advised to assess their abilities before taking on something big. They are also very sensitive people and have difficulty in expressing their feelings in a practical way. They tend to control people and situations and have a lack of faith in other’s abilities. They are workaholics; hence they need to find a healthy balance between work and relaxation. 

Karmic Numbers

Karma means the result of past actions – good or bad. One has to pay the price in the form of failures, sufferings, delays, disappointments etc. in the present life for bad karmas. For good karmas of the past one is rewarded with success, recognition, material gains, honours etc. When a karmic number appears in one of the major positions, the individual meets with repeated challenges throughout the life. If it appears as an event number or a personal year number, the effects are temporary and for that period only. 

There is nothing negative if a karmic number appears in your numerological chart as it gives you an opportunity to progress ahead faster. One should never forget that ‘God does everything for good.’ Moreover, if we did not ever come across any karmic number, we would perhaps not be born because we are born to pay the karmic debt for the karmas we have done.

As soon as the karmic debt is repaid, one emerges as a new individual with a greater potential. If one succumbs to the karma by committing suicide, one is reborn with greater miseries until the lesson is learnt and price is paid. The karmic numbers are 13, 14, 16 and 19.

Number 13

(1+3=4) Karmic number 13 embodies the negative aspects of numbers 1 and 3, i.e. selfishness, egotism and trivial frivolous activities respectively. It indicates that the person might not have carried out his responsibilities and his share of work in the past, leaving it others burdening them unnecessarily. It indicates a misuse of time and freedom. Therefore, in this birth the person has to carry out responsibilities of not only him/herself but also of those around him. He needs to learn the lesson of self-discipline having wasted a lot of time in trivial pursuits. The debt has to be paid in the form of limitations and restrictions in spite of working hard. 

13 has been considered an unlucky number in most parts of the world and is associated with the “Death” card in Tarot. However, it proves to be a lucky number for many as number 13 provides many opportunities to pay off the karmic debt. Also “Death” is kind of a transformation, thus enabling these people to come out as a completely new and brilliant person after they accept their karma graciously and work towards paying off their debt. 

Number 14

Karmic number 14 (1+4=5) embodies the negative aspects of numbers 1 (selfishness, egotism), 4 (responsibility) and number 5 (misuse of freedom). The person with a prominent number 14 is likely to be drawn towards high living – eating, drinking, sensual pleasures and wrong habits – leading to destruction not construction. There is a manifestation of negative aspects of number 5 i.e. restlessness, lack of focus and concentration, moving from one work to another thus failing to achieve perfection in any one field. One should stick to one line of work until perfection is achieved and then move on to the next task. They should avoid multitasking as they tend to take on more work at the expense of quality. Delays, hurdles, improper use of talents can be avoided by an attitude of detachment from material gains and selfless service to others. 

Number 16

Number 16 is a result of negative use of number 1 and 6 in the past life and number 7 in the present. Negative aspect of 1 is selfishness and egotism, 6 – sensual pleasure, distortion of love feelings, illicit love affairs, 7 – aloofness, too serious an attitude, pride and arrogance. The person may be unapproachable and may behave in a self centered manner. Because of unusual behaviour and reserved nature, the person’s personal and professional life is affected in an adverse manner. Power, position or money may be lost or worsen unexpectedly. There may be a lot of unpredictability in the life of the person. People around them can be unreliable and there can be a feeling of loss and aloneness. The best way is to give up pride and vanity to put a stop to the difficulties. Selflessness and service to the mankind is the only solution to their problems.

Number 19

The negative qualities of number 1 and 9 (misused talents, power and ambitions) are the cause of hurdles and suffering the life of number 19s. Karmic number 19 represents misuse of talents and power in previous lifetimes. The opportunities are there yet they are neither able to utilize them nor are they able to use their talents to get the advantage. A lot of people around you may be hostile, planning and intriguing around you. The person seems to be stuck in a vicious situation where whether you oppose or surrender, the pressure goes on increasing. The person with Karmic number 19 understands fully the meaning of Karmic debt. This number tests your patience and tolerance to the limit. The best way out is to understand the need of self and others and work patiently in a selfless manner until the debt is repaid. 

Numerology is not meant to scare you. If these numbers show up in your reading, then life gives you an opportunity to pay off your debt. As soon as the debt is paid, you are able to move ahead towards your life’s purpose.  Now that you know what they mean, you can work positively to remove or walk past these hurdles and grow as an individual in the process. 

In the next issue we will discuss about your Personal Year (how is a particular year going to be for you), lucky numbers and colours and about whether one should change their name or not.

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