Message for Today – 26 September 2018

Opportunity to Forgive

Message for Today - 26 Sep 2018
Opportunity to Forgive – from Daily Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue

Many people misunderstand forgiveness. They feel that if they forgive they will fall into the same trap again. But thats not what true forgiveness is about. Forgiveness is about letting go of the hurt but keeping the lessons you learnt. Its about NOT letting the hurt, the situation, the event or the person control you.

Forgiveness is said to be mandatory in the healing process. However, true forgiveness happens as a result of healing and letting go. Its not something that you can do. It comes from within.

Also it is the toughest thing to forgive yourself than it is to forgive others. In real sense, we are actually forgiving ourself than anyone else. Most of the times, we are angry not on the other person but on ourself for not being able to do anything at that moment or not being able to stop or avoid what happened.

Every healing process begins with forgiving oneself; and then forgiveness for the other doesn’t matter because you eventually realise that it is only you who can hurt or heal yourself.

Take this day to forgive yourself. Even if it doesn’t happen naturally, say those words – “I forgive myself”. Begin the process of forgiveness and healing yourself. Many doors will open where you can safely walk through them towards a better and peaceful life. 

Grace and Light

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