Author name: Nandita Kaushik

Nandita Kaushik is a Writer/Blogger and Spiritual & Psychic Channel.With her experience in Intuitive Tarot, Psychic Reiki, Intuitive counselling, Nandita’s gift is combining multiple forms of divination to deeply transform the lives of her clients. She has been doing psychic Reiki and intuitive Tarot reading for some time now and has helped many people understand and seek guidance from their inner being. Her 20 years in the corporate world, a certified soft skills training along with an SQ (Spiritual Quotient) trainer certification combined with spiritual healing provides an excellent base for being a Life Coach. Helping you in your journey with compassion, non-judgemental and intuitive guidance is her path to coaching you to lead a better life. Her Mantra – Help people transform their lives by empowering them and equipping them with knowledge so that they become self-reliant.

Tarot Predictions for the week

Tarot Predictions for the Week 29 April-5 May 2018 by Sun Signs

  Aries (March 21 – April 19) You are decisive, clear and mentally alert. This is the time to take the right decision and action using whole brain – intuition and intelligence. Take the right decision which is fair encompassing spiritual clarity. This week is about removing the confusion and getting clarity.     Taurus …

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