Message for the 3rd Navratri – 8th April

White Tara – Sensitivity

Today is about honouring yourself and your sensitivities. You are becoming highly sensitive to energies. 

Contrary to what most people believe, being sensitive is not something bad. In fact it is a blessing because sensitivity helps you know what is really going on, what other people are feeling, the energies of a place, the chemicals that are helpful and harmful for the body etc. It makes you more perceptive and alive. 

But since emotions are not respected as they are seen to be threatening, hence sensitivity has been given a bad name. 

Today, honour your sensitive nature and take steps to keep yourself in a positive environment. Avoid harsh situations, people or chemicals so that you don’t get overwhelmed. If you are in an environment where avoiding is not possible, then choose your dramas and situations where you respond today. 

Fill yourself with loving energies of the pink light and keep your energies protected with a bubble of white light on top of the pink. This will help you throughout the day. Remember to check in with your energy fields often during the day and if you find they have become thin or corroded, simply imagine them whole again and you are all set to handle whatever comes up during the day.

Love and Light

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