Message for the 4th Navratri – 9th April

Brigit – Don’t Back Down

Truth is not about polarities in absolute. Truth is always relative. If ever there was a time when you were confused about whats the truth, it was in the past. Today you know whats your truth. The experiences have taught you to stand your ground and hold on to whats true for you.

Many times in life we are faced with situations where we doubt ourself and our ideas of the world. The Goddesses and Angels want you to know that you know your truth better than anyone else can and that it is your sacred duty to stand up for it. Let go of all doubt today and don’t back down.

We can always keep expecting others to fight for us or our truth. But no one can do it better than us. 

If you find yourself alone in your journey today, have the courage to stand up for yourself. This will inspire others to stand up for their truth as well. When you let go of self-doubt and believe in yourself, you inspire others to do the same. It raises the vibrations of everyone simultaneously and brings more light into this world. 

Love and Light

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