Message for the 5th Navratri – 10th April

Pele – Divine Passion

Deep down we always know where our passions are. If you are confused about it, look at all the big or small activities you do that generate immense happiness and joy within you. Goddess Pele asks you today to focus on your divine passion.

Every passion is divine because every human being has a role in this universe that he or she experiences as things they are passionate about. When you follow that passion, the universe also responds favourably by helping you go in that direction.

This card is a message that the passion that you had been thinking of pursuing as your profession is a brilliant idea. It may encounter opposition or you may have to work hard to make it happen, but once you decide, the universe will support you completely. 

Daily routine life can leave you feeling mechanical and exhausted. Follow your hobbies and passions to renew your life energy to feel refreshed and enthusiastic about life.

Love and Light

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