Message for the 6th Navratri – 11th April

Goddess Coventina – Purification

Today the Goddesses urge you to cleanse your body and mind of toxins and clutter. Navratras are a beautiful time for detoxification of the body as we fast and pursue spiritual and religious activities. 

Toxins from the body can be cleared by fasting and going on a diet that aids detox like more of fruits and vegetables. Detoxing the mind is also required along with detoxing the body. The best way to do that is meditation, silence, healing and releasing all the baggages from the past. You may use any process for that that you resonate with.

Today, make sure to do something to detox your mind and body. Along with detoxing the body, when you detox the environment by clearing the clutter, it helps in bringing more clarity to the mind and body as well. Make sure to clear the clutter from your home and office, throw away junk, long unused and broken things as it attracts a lot of negativity energy.

Sit in meditation during the evening or at night and imagine bright brilliant white light coming from the universe and entering your body through the crown chakra. As it enters the body, it splits into seven colours and purifies, cleanses and energizes all the seven major chakras. If anyone needs to be forgiven, imagine them in front of you and forgive their soul. If you need to ask for forgiveness, do so. 

Let go of bonds, attachments and desires that keep you weighed down and keep your energies dense. 

Grace and Light

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