Forms of Meditation

Forms of Meditations
Artist:Yulia Glavnaya

Meditation is not just an activity you do but also a way of life that you live. In our hectic schedules, finding time for meditation feels like asking for too much. But the fact is that finding time for meditation actually enhances the quality of work and life. 

In my personal experience, meditation has always helped me stay steady, calm and grounded. It has helped me get more in touch my intuitions that help me in everyday life for making decisions whether major or minor. 

Meditation is not an activity we do but rather a state we are in. Since we are not in practice of it, techniques and repetition is needed for us to access that steady state even in the middle of storms. 

There are many forms of meditation. Everyone’s idea of meditation is very different. You don’t need to adhere to the idea of a yogi sitting cross-legged with eyes closed to meditate. Make everyday activity of your life into meditation. The well-known tea ceremony of Japanese is a meditation in essence where the people sit in silence, prepare tea in a particular way, pour it in cups and drink in silence and total awareness. After finishing their cup of tea, they leave without talking. 

French cuisines are also a form of meditation. It is said that most French people are in such good shape because they eat their food in silence and small portions and bites, relishing, enjoying each and every bite, every flavour and every taste. When you eat with awareness, you tend to eat less than your normal portions. It is great for people who want to manage their food portions for weight purposes. 

Walking in the nature is a meditative act. The next time you go for a walk, leave your music behind and walk with awareness of your breath, listening to the sounds of the nature and environment. 

Practice the pause. Pause for a few microseconds before you do anything. It brings your attention to the present moment. 

Practicing these increase your awareness in the present moment so much so that time feels slow, you begin to live each moment completely, experience the quiet, the pause. 

It is so soothing and relaxing for the mind that is constantly being bombarded with so much information in the form of energy, sounds, and sensory inputs.

Hope you found this interesting. Explore the forms of meditation that suit you best!

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