Mauni Amavasya – Pause For Silence

Mauni AmavasyaMauni Amavasya this year falls on 2nd of February, the fifteenth day of the dark midnight of Magh. This is the most important day to practice self-control and to look within ourselves. Mauna or observing silence is derived from the word ‘muni’-the one who remains in silence.

Silence here is not only of the speech (vak maun) but also of the mind (antar maun)It is a regular practice to observe silence on this day. Yogis are known to keep maun for a month and this day marks the end of a month long period of silence. Our mind is like a pool of water, where in is reflected the image of the divine. We cannot see any image unless and until the water in the pool is still. Withdrawing our mind from all the distractions and focussing on the self is akin to stilling the mind. Only a focused mind is ready for the union with the divine.

Observing silence on his day at the confluence of the three rivers-Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati at Prayag–Allahabad is considered very auspicious as these rivers are symbolic of the three nadis in human body namely Ida, Pingla and Sushmna.A balance among them is a prerequisite to the state of equipoise or samadhi.It is a day of spiritual sadhna where in the seeker tries to calm the restless mind. He embarks upon the journey within taking ‘directions’ only from the self to reach the self. This is the first step to spiritual evolution. Only a perfectly silenced mind can receive the divine descent.

History has it that Lord Mahavira observed silence for 12 years, Sri Aurbindo for 17 years and Budha came to be known as Sakya Muni – the silent sage of the Sakya tribe, therein the essence of silence in the divine journey. In contemporary times too many an aspirant and common man go into silence at least once a week and find solution to problems of day to day life to deep spiritual quests.

What to do:

1. Vow to observe silence on this day at least for some time.

2. Sit down at a place where you will not be disturbed.

3. Just watch your breath.

4. Be a witness to your thoughts do not reject or accept any thought, let them come and go.

To begin with it will not be easy but do not give up and by and by the mind will become quite and in the’ pause’ of thoughts you will come to enjoy the’ poise’ of silence.

-Archana Sharma

Archana Sharma is an M.Phil in Life Sciences and practises in Astrology, Numerology and alternative therapies. She is currently pursuing research in Medical Astrology.

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