Message for the 7th Navratri – 12th April

Kuan Yin – Compassion

Sekhmet – Be Strong

This day the Goddesses ask you to be compassionate to yourself and others. Compassion is not pity or sympathy. Pity comes from weakness, Compassion comes from strength. Someone who is not strong within cannot hold compassion for anyone. 

Kuan Yin is the Goddess of compassion and mercy who teaches us to release any judgements we may be holding today towards self and others. Judgments and opinions block our energy whether we hold it for ourself or anyone else. It doesn’t allow the energies to freely flow through us thus creating blocks in health, wealth and relationships. 

When you release judgments, you also tend to let go of attachments which helps you look at others with compassion. 

Compassion in simple terms means – “I am not going to get sucked into your drama or suffering by creating suffering for myself. Rather I am going to stand by your side knowing how you feel and ready to help you whenever you choose.” 

This is the reason compassion comes from strength and detachment. 

At the same time, Sekhment Goddess asks you to be strong and recognise your strength. You are so much stronger than you think. Believe that you are capable of detachment and compassion. A relationship that comes from compassion rather than attachment is much more healthier.

Let go of any attachments, cut your cords, choose to let go of the drama around you and you will find a subtle strength inside you that helps you choose power and freedom. 

Grace and Light

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