Message for the 9th Day of Navratri

Sacred Space
Nemetona – Sacred Space FROM Goddess Guidance Oracle Crads

The 9 days of Navratri are considered very powerful. These are especially known to invoke, heal and strengthen the Divine Feminine aspect of our self.

A part of healing also involves having external support anchors for example father figures, mother figures, supportive friends etc. It so happens sometimes that a person has gone through such situations where the person is unable to trust any person.

In such scenarios, the support system of god, angels and temples is a powerful means to install a sense of safety that can help one to go deeper within to heal our core.

Creating a Sacred Space

Today visit a power place, a place where you can feel connected to god or the divine. You can also create a sacred space in your home called an altar where you keep the images or symbols of the divine that you believe in or that reminds you of that deeper connection.

You may or may not have elaborate rituals as per your preference. What is important is that you feel at peace and can hear yourself in that space.

Such sacred spaces become powerful anchors that you can visit anytime you feel low or need a boost and you will feel energised, uplifted, positive and safe.

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