Daughter of the House Moves on - Vastu perspective

Daughter of the House Moves On – Vastu Perspective

  Kanyadaan , or “Giving Away” of the daughter of the house is one of the most sacred and respected duties of an Indian Householder family. While daan literally means donation, in modern times it essentially transliterates as Finding a worthy groom for the daughter and lovingly giving her away with deepest blessings and affection. …

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Love is in the air

Love Is In The Air

Whether one is single or married, this time of the year when Cupid is around, there is a desire to be with one’s beloved. We once again want to attract or reinforce a healthy, balanced and harmonious relationship which keeps us going throughout the year. Valentine’s Day comes with the simple message that if you …

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Feng Shui for Kitchen

Grow Your Abundance In The Kitchen

Layout of the kitchen is crucial to the health, happiness and wealth of the family. The kitchen is considered as the source of wealth and health. Ideally your kitchen should be located in the special direction called the T’ien Yi direction which is the best location for the kitchen

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