You Need A New Home According To Feng Shui


You Need A New Home According To Feng ShuiHome is a source of comfort. You spend most of your time at home. You rejuvenate and restore energy in the rooms of your abode. If you’ve had your home for years, it will be a challenge to replace it even if feng shui suggests it.

Moving into a new home is a huge decision, but sometimes you have to relocate and find a new place. A master in feng shui Philippines suggests you look for the signs that cause fluctuating energy levels in your current home. It is a sign you have to move somewhere new. To identify if energy levels disrupt your home, here are some details that zap the inner chi:

1. More people occupy the same space

Energy requires space. The chi in the environment needs to flow and spread throughout the room. If more people are inhabiting a limited space, the energy will not be enough for everyone. Moreover, a cramped room limits the chi’s movement. The room allows the energy to settle into the area and stagnate. When energy is stagnant, it won’t flow to other parts of the home. Prosperity will not spread to the house, as well as other people in it.

2. There is clutter

Another thing that restrains the energy besides the limited space between the occupants and space is clutter. A space that has too many untouched stuff traps the chi. It keeps the chi from reaching the other side of the room. When the energy is trapped, it magnets new lifeforce which prevents the spread of renewed energy in the place. It stays there until the area becomes free of clutter. The stagnant energy is also not usable. It also brings a heavy feeling to the people in the space.

3. The structure of the house bothers you

Sometimes, we settle for the house because it is affordable. Other times we accept it as is it is because it is the only thing available. If that’s the case, there may be a detail or part of the house that bothered you since you moved in. House structure is particularly important in feng shui. Your reason for being uncomfortable is most likely due to the improper door, and window alignment, ceiling height, and flooring that affects energy flow. You can quickly fix some details, but if it requires an update, it’s much better to look for a new home.

4. The house needs constant repairs

A squeaky door or cabinet resembles a crying sound which can affect the people’s mood and well-being. The door is the entryway of energy and the constant squeak from the door drives the chi away from entering the house.  At the same time, leaking faucets and broken, outdated and mismatched hardware create passive energy that hinders growth in the facets of life. Leaks drain financial resources as well as inner energy which can make you feel fatigue. 

5. The neighbors encourage negative vibes

The subconscious mind picks up energy in the environment. If you are surrounded by negative energy from the quarrels, badmouthing and loud noises of your neighbors, it is advisable to find a new place. The activities that don’t contribute to positive energy such as spreading gossip and fake news depletes the inner chi. The negative energy from the outside can transfer to the home and affect everyone in the household.

It certainly helps to listen to your home. Be attuned to the energy of your interiors. Does it provide happiness and luck? Does it still carry abundance to all parts of the house? If it doesn’t, it may be time for you to look for a new home. Feng shui recommends transferring to an updated, and a well-maintained house is much better for everyone in the long run. It encourages a free-flowing energy and helps you save on repairs and remodeling.

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