Feng Shui Tips – Harmonise Your Teenager’s Room

Feng Shui for Teenager's RoomFeng shui can do a lot to adjust and improve the academic performance of the child by harmonising and balancing his room. Layout, colour scheme and atmosphere of the surrounding can tremendously effect a child’s mind as their ch’i, mind and bodies are more impressionable.

The bed should lie diagonally across from the door. Hang a mirror so that it reflects the door back to the teenager when he is studying at the desk. Do not keep heavy furniture as the child may suffer from physical and emotional imbalance. Light and functional furniture is advisable. If a child finds it difficult to study, try placing a mirror on his desk where he can see his reflection. This affects the optic nerve, which in turn stimulates the brain to think.

Pastel blue and green are nurturing colours, and if a child is facing health problems, try putting light blue, pink or green colours in his room. These positive colours will boost up the child and aid in the medical treatment. An overactive child can be mellowed down by decorating his room with white, brown, grey and subdued shades. A reclusive child can become more outgoing if the room is done up in red or green. An aggressive child can become more sensitive to others if soft music is played in the background and the child is encouraged to sing. Oranges or fragrant flowers placed in the room can also ease the rude behaviour. A restless child can be put to ease by hanging a wind chime with a crystal ball from the centre of the room.

A lazy adolescent can be enlivened with an aquarium with eight (or multiples of eight) black fish and one(or multiples of one) red fish to create a total of nine (or multiples of nine) A fish tank with 16 black and two red ones should do the trick. Another cure is to put three bamboo flutes to create the Chinese character for ‘man'(/) between the teenager’s mattress and bed.

Light in the room should be soothing and proper light should be provided at the study table and by bed side. A study table should not be placed facing the wall but should be placed in such a way that the child should sit with wall as back support and open space in front of him. Place an education tower or crystal globe on the north-east of the study table. If the tower is green in colour, place something red near it to energise it. With the help of the Kua number, lucky direction of the child can be found out and let him face that direction while studying.

Feng shui does not encourage lack of hard work but only makes it easier for a person to work hard.

-Archana Sharma

Archana Sharma is an M.Phil in Life Sciences and practises in Astrology, Numerology and alternative therapies. She is currently pursuing research in Medical Astrology.

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