Music Therapy

Music TherapyMusic has always inspired each and every one of us in some or the other way. Music relaxes us. We all have noticed that when we are stressed, listening to a beautiful piece of music brings peace and happiness. Music can be an excellent medicine and a support system for healing physical, mental and emotional problems.

There are many genres of Music but which genre will heal and sooth you depends on your need and taste of music. The ambient/chill/downtempo/new age music has been found to have the most healing and soothing effect. Personally, I feel very relaxed and calm when I listen to some music after a stressful day

When we meditate on music for some time our mind enters into higher states of consciousness which are as follows:

Alpha state- range between 7-12 Hz

In alpha state, we are very relaxed yet alert. One becomes aware of the bodily sensations. This state unlocks the body-mind capability to heal itself. We are more creative in this state. The alpha state releases the growth hormones beneficial for healing and regeneration.

Beta Waves-range between 13-40 Hz

This is a state of heightened mental activity and peak concentration. This state prepares us for quick response to external events.

Theta Waves- range between 4-7 Hz

This is a state of deep meditation. This state is also generated during periods of REM sleep which is the time when we see dreams.

Delta Waves- range between 0-4 Hz

This state occurs during periods of deep sleep. Lama Buddhists are trained to consciously enter into Theta and Delta states of consciousness.

Music for healing and relaxation

Here are few tips on how we all can use music for healing and relaxation:-

1.Lie down in a comfortable position on floor or on a couch. Switch on any kind of relaxing music and take 20 minutes sound bath. This will wash away all your stress. It can be done every day at any time.

2.Music that has repeating pattern (like slow trance music) has been found very effective for relaxation.

3.Nature sounds are very relaxing(ocean waves, birds chirping, waterfall etc).Try taking a  20 minutes walk if you are near the seashore. There are lots of music CDs available which are specially designed for this purpose.

4.While listening to music try to focus on your breath. Focus on how your stomach pulls out when you inhale and goes in when you exhale. It’s completely fine if you sleep while meditating on music. This will relax your body deeply.

Try to meditate on music for approximately 15 minutes every day and you will soon experience less stress and more energy in your life.

Happy Listening!!

-Ajay Bhuchar

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