Feng Shui Tips – All About Ch’i

Feng-Shui-All-About-ChiCh’I is one of the most important concepts of Feng Shui. A simple translation of ch’I is “breath”. It is the life force or the cosmic energy vital to all objects in this universe. It breathes life into plants, animals and humans and propels us along the path of life. Ch’I can be compared to “Prana” of the Indian system – the vital force without which we cannot live.

Feng Shui is primarily concerned with identifying the ch’I and its location. After the type of ch’I has been identified, certain procedures are followed to rectify, enhance and deflect ch’I. Benign ch’I is called ‘sheng ch’I’, it brings with it a feeling of well-being. It makes a person positive and positive outlook brings about improvement in relationships and work, and suddenly one feels flooded with opportunities. All this certainly leads to increase in luck and prosperity.

Sha Ch’I or the ‘killing breath’ is found when ch’I flow is either stagnant or is flowing in straight lines. These straight lines can be compared to arrows and are extremely harmful. Just as benign ch’I enhances luck, sha ch’I brings about misfortune, legal complications, health problems, even death and lost opportunities. Sha ch’I is conduted by straight lines called as ‘secret arrows’. These include long straight roads, row od roof tops, pointed edges of large buildings, railway embankments, telegraph wires etc. a simple cure is to block the arrow by putting a fence or a wall, by changing the direction of the front door, by putting spikes on the wall or by placing a convex mirror on main door. Keep the interiors neat and clean and avoid clutter. The placement of furnitute should be such as to allow proper flow of ch’i. the furniture should have rounded contours, overhead beams should be avoided and books should be kept inside the cupboards to avoid secret arrows and sha ch’i.

Sheng ch’I can be encouraged by keeping the interiors and exteriors clean and aesthetically planned. Crystals, wind chimes, mirrors, right choice of colours, water features, green plants, flowers, fishes (live or replicas) to name a few are all enhancers of good ch’i.

It is difficult to believe that placement of a mirror or by changing the position of the bed or the office desk can bring about improvement in relationships or business. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

-Archana Sharma

Archana Sharma is an M.Phil in Life Sciences and practises in Astrology, Numerology and alternative therapies. She is currently pursuing research in Medical Astrology.

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