Colours and Directions in Feng Shui

feng-shui-colour-wheelThe basic directions are 4—North, South, East and West. In Fengshui each direction is associated with a specific element, celestial animal and a particular colour. The correct knowledge of these enables us to energize the various directions in an appropriate manner.

North is attributed to the element water and its symbolic animal is tortoise. The associated colour is blue, dark blue and black. North is the direction of career. Career luck can be enhanced simply by keeping a water feature like a water fountain or a bowl with a goldfish or an aquarium or a picture of a water feature in this sector. The only thing to be taken care of is that the water should always be in motion and should not be still or stagnant. Flowing water making gurgling sound is symbolic of bright career and a constant flow of opportunities. Replica of a tortoise specially made of metal is another powerful energizer of this area.

A simple yet effective way to increase career luck is by keeping a metallic pot with blue or black flowers. Painting the north wall blue or grey white is another simple solution to improve this area. Blue is also the colour associated with heavenly blessings where as black is the colour of money and honour. So by energizing this area we not only improve our career luck but also get divine blessings along with money and honour.

East is the direction of dragon and the colour is azure or green. Green is the colour of tranquility and longevity. The element associated is wood. The saying goes that if one’s door is in the east the green dragon will bring a pearl i.e. prosperity. This area should be energized to safe guard the health of the family and also to improve and harmonize family relationships. Green plants, bamboos, pine trees, flowers such as chrysanthemums gladioli and lilies can be displayed in this area. All these are symbols of life and longevity. Water feature can also be displayed as water nourishes wood. If it is not possible to put fresh plants or flowers then pictures depicting dense green forests, water falls flowers etc. can be used.  East is the only suitable direction to display the dragon only care should be taken that it should not face you.

West is the direction of the children and is symbolized by the tiger. White tiger is a graceful and a beautiful animal. A picture or replica of the white tiger can be displayed on the west wall. Colour of this sector is white or silver or gold .Element associated is metal and simply by placing metallic artifacts in this area it can be energized .Hang a 6 rod hollow metal wind chime in this area and improve the children’s luck. A family portrait placed in this sector keeps the family together. Another effective way to enhance the children’s luck is by placing any medals or awards or prizes received by them in this area. This symbolizes their prospect of being awarded in the future also. One can simply hang or place pictures of the children involved in various activities to enhance their luck.

South is the direction of fire, summer is the season and the animal associated is red phoenix. Red phoenix is the mythical bird which rises from the ashes of fire. Red is auspicious and considered one of the luckiest colours associated with good fortune and prosperity by the Chinese. Pink and purple are also considered in category of red.

South is the direction of fame, aims and aspirations. This area can be easily energized by hanging a red phoenix bird. A double happiness symbol in this direction ensures conjugal bliss. The walls in the south can be highlighted with pink, peach or mauve colour. A bright light in this area is a powerful energizer. To gain fame in one’s profession just place articles associated with the profession in this area and see the difference. Make a sketch of yourself and what you want in your professional life and place it in the south-this will help to realize your dream.

Fengshui is highly symbolic and using these simple tips does not require any special knowledge only they should be used with a positive intention.

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