Feng Shui Tips – Fu Dogs

fu-dogs_10-feng-shui-tips-for-your-homeFu Dogs are majestic characters half dragon and half lion possessing mythic powers for protection and defence. They were extensively used in old china to guard palaces, offices, homes and business premises. They are popular even today for a similar purpose.

They are kept in pairs one of them being male and the other female. Male has a ball representing the world under its paw and the female has a cub representing the nurturing nature under its paw.

As Fengshui is all about balance and harmony, the pair stands for the balance between the yin and yang energies. This makes the premises not only safe but also harmonious for living and functioning. They have the power to discover the intention of the people entering the premises and once they stand guard, no one can cause any damage and harm to the occupants. The male is said to ward off the negative energies from the outside and the female is said to protect from the dangers from within.

Placement of the Fu Dogs is very important as wrong placement can cause more harm than good. The male figure which is considered yang is kept on the right as one enters the premises and the female which is considered yin is kept on the left. They together represent unity and keep the environment in sync.

Placement of Fu Dogs 

In Fengshui all the different directions are associated with different colours and elements. Hence the placement of the fu dogs should be according to the directions.

1. Multicoloured Fu Dogs should be kept when the main door is facing South or West. These are known to enhance the luck and bring in positive energy.

2. Golden coloured Fu Dogs are placed when the main door faces South. They symbolise wealth, power and protection. Their golden colour also indicates the social status of the occupant.

3. Metal Fu Dogs guard the West, Northwest and North facing premises as these directions symbolise the elements metal and water. They should never be placed facing East as East stands for the element wood and metal is in conflict with it.

4. Jade Fu Dogs should be kept outside the buildings facing South, Southeast and East.

5. Multicoloured Porcelain Fu Dogs These exudes peace and calm. They are gentle creatures and can be placed in any direction and place which needs protection.

6. Fu dog tassel – This is multipurpose and can be used in various ways-it can be hung close to the main door for protection and in the wealth area to enhance as well as guard the wealth. The mystic knot protects and the red colour energises the good luck energies.

Some do’s and don’ts 

1. Fu Dogs should never be placed facing the inside of the premises as it may cause harm.
2. Once the Fu Dogs are placed they should be treated with respect.
3. The occupants should pat and thank them for protecting them preferably every day.
4. Last and most important is the intention with which they are placed, the intention should be clear and sincere. The occupants should really believe in their powers and feel protected.

-Archana Sharma
Archana Sharma is an M.Phil in Life Sciences and practises in Astrology, Numerology and alternative therapies. She is currently pursuing research in Medical Astrology.

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