Love Is In The Air

Love is in the air

Whether one is single or married, this time of the year when Cupid is around, there is a desire to be with one’s beloved. We once again want to attract or reinforce a healthy, balanced and harmonious relationship which keeps us going throughout the year.

Valentine’s Day comes with the simple message that if you are seeking love, harmony and grace in your relationship this the time. And what could be better than Fengshui showing you the way.

Fengshui is simple as according to its principles when we consciously organize or decorate our environment according to our desire, we attract the very same thing in our life. So if it is love that you desire, then you and your environment should exude love. Let us see how…

1. Spring clean your room and remove all the clutter.

2. Remove any broken furniture, computer, TV, a study desk, any picture of a lonely theme or single person or photos of kids or icons of deities.

3. If possible repaint your room with peach or any other colour of your choice; this will remove any old and stagnant energy.

4. Buy a new bedspread in vibrant colours, use even number of pillows. Always use a single mattress instead of two separate ones.

5. Pair of things placed in your bedroom emphasizes togetherness. So keep a pair of two hearts, two doves or Mandarin Ducks, two candles, a vase with two flowers, two lamps do not keep anything single.

6. Spray Lavender, Vanilla, cinnamon or some fragrance you love daily in your room

7. Add romantic artwork to your room’s décor

8. Keep a romantic picture of you and your loved one or your dream mate. You could also reframe the picture in a brand new beautiful frame.

9. Always play soft romantic music in this room, you could keep some books of romantic poetry handy and read from it loudly and yes, you could hum your favourite romantic song too!

10. And last and the most important is to set the intention of peace, passion and romance! Togetherness and harmony.

These are but a few basic tips, the list could be unending according to your desire and imagination as long we keep the principle of Fengshui in mind- i.e. Mindfully manipulating our environment for harmonious living. Although these tips can be used anytime anywhere but this is the right time for a good beginning when love is in the air….

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