Daughter of the House Moves On – Vastu Perspective


Daughter of the House Moves on - Vastu perspective

Kanyadaan , or “Giving Away” of the daughter of the house is one of the most sacred and respected duties of an Indian Householder family. While daan literally means donation, in modern times it essentially transliterates as Finding a worthy groom for the daughter and lovingly giving her away with deepest blessings and affection. This is a practice that’s followed all over the country and across all ethnic groups.

Vastu and Moving On  

Sometimes the girl is very well qualified and personable and suitable for marriage in all ways and also mentally prepared, yet there are undecipherable obstacles when the real match making has to fructify. This is a strange but very commonly witnessed spectacle in today’s life. Parents consult astrologers who give the green signal as the “YOG” for a good marriage are there in her horoscope but even then a tangible alliance eludes them.

What’s the secret of the failure?

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Its time to turn to the Vastu Shastra or examine the macrocosm the girl is living and operating in. The individual horoscope is also subject to the conditioning provided by the Habitat that the girl lives and works in and thus the need for improving the Vastu balance comes in. An unfavourable Vastu may actually be hindering her marriage from happening inspite of all the assets of the personality the girl may be endowed with

One very common and often overlooked factor is the Direction of the unmarried girl’s Room. The direction of this room is extremely important. This is the ambience she dreams, sleeps and works in. The daivik/asurya forces present around her room have to be examined in light of feasibility of marriage.

The Girl’s room may be located in the South, South west or west directions. These 3 are masculine directions and meant for male members of the house . For the daughter of marriageable age, its most advisable to position her room in the NW –North West or “Vayavya” Kon of the house.

This is ruled by the Pawan lord, the God Of Winds, forever in motion, always dynamic.This provides a powerful thrust to Vastu of entire house and the “yog” of marriage in the horoscope receives  a momentum.

The planetary lord of NW is Moon, the planet that is known as the FMP-Fastest Moving Planet in Occult. It aids in moving out for building new social relationships and enhancing the “Sphere of Influence” of the girl.

Even more significant is the recent finding that has been concluded after hundreds of case studies. If the girl sleeps in the North North West(NNW) this marriage will happen even faster because she is activating her zone of “Sex and Attraction” and thus she will develop “Sammohini or attracting” qualities that as per the Universal Laws of Energy will attract more suitable and responsive grooms towards her.

vastu layout
NNE, the classical zone of “Conjugated Living”

Coming to the layout of furniture in the girl’s room, one needs to follow slightly different directional guidelines.

If the room is in NW and the bed is also in NW, its very harmful for the girl’s strength to build new relationships. She will become very restless and mover without anchoring deeply and in the process feel discontent.

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She should sleep in the Southern direction of this room. This will make her more self-confident and healthy. Sleeping in the SW of this room will make her able to understand others’ mental process and adapt her behaviour to increase her acceptance by the other party. She will be earthy and rooted and ponder deeply about the challenges and new experiences that the new relationship will bring into her life.

Employing the use of wind-chimes, rose-quartz crystal, energised pyramids and lighting yellow candles in the appropriate directions are supplementary Techniques that are practised along with corrective Directional techniques and the wedding procession will not be long in arriving at the doorstep of the beautiful bride.

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