Crystals for Love

Crystals for LoveCan crystals help us attract and keep love? Is there one magic stone that can help bring excitement to a boring life or nurturing and healing love to a broken heart? The answer is no, and any such claims are generally a rip-off. However, if one is willing to seek guidance and work on changing one’s own perceptions and patterns, crystals can help attract and sustain loving relationships with oneself, one’s family, friends, partner or spouse.

Crystals do so by helping change our vibes and by aiding emotional healing. When one is happy, centred, open and willing to accept and offer unconditional love the results can be quite magical indeed. On the other hand, insecurities, long-held guilt, sadness, anger or resentment are a ticking bomb for physical as well as emotional ailments.

As is well known, rose quartz is the crystal that tops the list in terms of popularity and effectiveness when it comes to being a “love stone”. Associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, its reputation is well earned as it promotes peace and emotional well being, used for postnatal depression as well as mid-life crisis. It works by promoting self-love and forgiveness of the self. Radiating unconditional love it attracts it in turn and wearing it on the heart is supposed to be especially effective. However, one must always trust one’s intuition and use a stone only if it feels comfortable. Though it is a gentle crystal, it can never the less bring emotions rushing to the surface if they have been held in too long.

Secondly, wearing or holding the crystal can bring clarity to issues in a relationship, but the follow-up work has to be done by a person, once the stone has enhanced our empathic ability to see things. One placement suggested by Sue and Simon Lily is to keep a rose quartz on the heart with four pieces of clear quartz around it with points facing outwards for emotional release. Placing a citrine or smoky quartz on the second chakra below the navel and an amethyst at the forehead will help to clear emotional turmoil and hurt.

Feng shui practitioners recommend placing a rose quartz crystal in the relationship corner which is farthest right corner from the entrance of a house or a room. Judy Hall claims that rose quartz can attract so much loving attention that it may need an amethyst to calm things down so that only the more appropriate energies come into one’s orbit. One’s own experience with crystals is the best guide as it may vary from that of others.

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Pink tourmaline is another crystal that heals abuse and promotes love, especially sensual love. So does Watermelon tourmaline which with its pink and green colours balances the physical and emotional aspects of love. For sheer passion and enhancing sensuality, ruby and carnelian might be better choices. Rhodochrosite helps increase self-worth and aventurine is also heart protecting and heart healing.

Sugilite, like rose quartz and rhodochrosite, is used to attract a soul mate, but soul mate relationships are not everlasting love stories. They are more like karmic connections that help us grow in this life, and may in fact often be intense and brief relationships, with lessons to teach us, as all relationships do. Kunzite (pink) and larimar (blue, green or grey) both possess an ethereal beauty and help heal hurts from past lives that may be impacting present relationships. Kunzite clears emotional residue and is mood lifting and protective of sensitive people (note: it is much more expensive than rose quartz). Chrysocolla is a great at balancing the heart chakra and healing past hurt and peridot helps resolve jealousy and anger.

All these crystals work primarily on the heart chakra, the seat of our emotions. When we are healed and whole, we can’t help but attract love and learn to both receive and give it.

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