Condo Living: Basic Feng Shui for Condo Dwellers

“Unclutter your life. Unclutter your home. We feel best when everything and everyone around us is in harmony and in balance. The peace and the beauty of your home will raise you up, and give energy to your goals.” -Eileen Anglin

Condo Living_ Basic Feng Shui for Condo DwellersFeng Shui is known as the subtle Chinese art of using energy forces in order to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. It has been said to attract luck, fortune and love—so much so that individuals would contact Feng Shui masters and experts to identify the positive energy (and even the negative ones) they have at home. If you have wanted to invite positive energy back into your home and are desirous of a luckier and more prosperous year, utilizing some Feng Shui techniques would get you very far. One of the ways to ensure you have a pleasant residence is to renovate or redecorate your homes while keeping Feng Shui principles abreast.

In any case, here are the ways you can attract a positive flow of energy in your home whether you might be living in a BGC condo or elsewhere:

Choose lucky colors for your walls and decors

Simply utilizing the right Feng Shui colors would already have a positive and uplifting effect on your homes. While it is already known that people have a sort of behavioral response to color, Feng Shui takes this a notch further. If you want to incorporate cheerful vibes into your home, choose the color yellow which symbolizes sunlight and can instantly brighten your home. If you are looking for more passion and romance, you will get more luck with red. The color you choose heavily depends on what you want to attract.

Bring fresh flowers, plants and water

Apart from instantly enhancing the aesthetics of a place, indoor plants are known to bring positive health effects to the inhabitants of the home. Moreover, colorful flowers can instantly brighten up any room and are known to improve a home’s chi (energy that permeates surroundings). As a result, these items bring good luck and fortune to those who reside within it.

Arrange your furniture in optimal ways

While often neglected, the arrangement of your furniture contributes to the energy surrounding your home—whether that may be positive or negative. How you arrange your furniture actually plays an integral role in Feng Shui. If you want to invite a smooth flow of energy, it is best if you arranged your pieces of furniture in a circular formation.

Infuse earth elements into your bathroom

Flowing water is believed to sap your home from positive energy as well as luck. To offset this, introduce and incorporate earth elements in your bathrooms to counter and control the water elements. Accessories in gold and yellow accents would make addition pieces in your bathroom. Towels and rugs and even a fresh coat of paint can mitigate the elemental imbalance in your home.

Declutter your home

Clutter is not only an eyesore but it actually attracts bad energy. A practical (and inexpensive) way to improve the chi in your home is to remove the clutter. In doing so, you are actually hitting two birds with one stone: Enhancing the overall chi of your homes and sprucing up your surroundings. 

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