Peace of Mind

Peace of MindYou may feel it while you are engaged in some kind of absorbing or interesting activity, such as watching an interesting movie or a TV program, or being with someone you love, or reading a book, or while lying on the sand at a beach. In a way, it means escaping into the world of dreams and going to sleep with the thought that everyone in the family is safely in bed. It also means to learn to be quite…silent…without thinking about what the world thinks of you. In another words, being satisfied with what you have. Never do anything that taints your mind.

When you have a problem, think about it and try to solve it and not leave it for another day as that will unnecessarily burden your mind, thereby resulting in loss of peace of mind. The question is, how to experience lasting peace of mind in one’s life, and most importantly, how do we experience it even in times of trouble? For this, we first need to know how to bring the moments of inner peace into our daily life. Later, we will be able to experience these moments in times of trouble or difficulties too, when you really need inner calmness and tranquility.

The simple things that help us maintain peace of mind and retain it are to stay away from negative conversations and negative people, to avoid grudge and jealousy as this may lead to frustration and inability to do the daily chores, besides loss of sleep and other activities. Being jealous means that you are down and low in self esteem and that often leads to loss of inner peace. Learn to forgive people and forget whatever bad deeds they might have done to you either by talking ill about you or making uncharitable remarks about you.

One thing what everyone has to learn is that we should not take everything that happens in life to us too seriously! Emotional and mental detachment is inevitable in some situations in life. Detachment should always be partial; if you take everything very seriously without any detachment, it will lead to coldness in life and makes you think or judge impartially. Let bygones be bygones in life.

The past which has happened should be put behind us and we have to concentrate on the future. We should not evoke unpleasant memories and thoughts that will steal away our peace of mind. Last but not the least, an advice I would give to all my dear friends and people who are reading this write up on peace of mind is to start meditating a few minutes daily, which will make a substantial difference to our lives as inner peace ultimately leads to external peace. By creating peace in our inner world, we bring it into the external world, affecting other people too. Thank you all and God bless you.

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