Grow Your Abundance In The Kitchen

Feng Shui for KitchenKitchen is one of the most important areas of the house for ensuring abundance in health and wealth. Ideally your kitchen should be located in the special direction called the T’ien Yi direction which is the best location for the kitchen. Layout of the kitchen is crucial to the health, happiness and wealth of the family. The kitchen is considered as the source of wealth and health as in Chinese health and wealth are represented by the same word i.e. ts’ai. Even if the kitchen is not located in the best location, certain criteria if kept in mind can definitely enhance your ability to generate more money.

1. According to Fengshui principles the kitchen door should be away from the main door and should be well proportioned i.e. no corner should be missing. This ensures proper entry of the chi’.

2. Various gadgets should be kept according to respective elements. The stove being of fire element should be kept facing South or East. Sink and refrigerator being of water element should not be kept next to or directly opposite to the stove as they may cause conflict in the family.

3. The cook should always face the door as anyone coming from behind can scare the cook. If this is not possible install a mirror behind the stove and this will reflect anyone coming inside. Symbolically this will also help family wealth to grow as it appears to double the amount of t’sai being created.

4. The kitchen should be well lit and ventilated as dark and dingy kitchen harbours stagnant chi’.

5. Kitchen and toilet should neither be in front of each other or next to each other.

6. The best colour for the kitchen is white as it symbolizes purity and cleanliness.

7. The best colour for stove is green, green colour in the kitchen also symbolizes wood which supports both water as well as fire. All black colour kitchens are a strict no-no as black represents water and water puts out fire. However, a combination of red and black can be used.

8. Hang a round crystal above the stove which would not only symbolically but also physically radiate chi’ around the stove. This helps to balance and smooth out finances.

9. Always work with a positive frame of mind in the kitchen as your state of mind in the kitchen will be reflected in the food you cook. This will effect the health and chi’ of your family members.

10. Playing soft music can be a good idea to keep you relaxed and raise your chi; while working in the kitchen.

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