Discussion of Astrology in Modern Times – Part 1

Discussion of Astrology in Modern TimesThe challengers of Modern and ancient astrology, (it’s all one really,) want it to be that simple and evidentiary.  One of unfortunate consequences of bringing that which is ‘occult’ (hidden) in to the modern light of day is that people tend to see and hear what they want to see and hear.

‘We are star- dust’

We are golden,

And we‘ve got to get our selves 

Back to the garden’

I really hated that song. I thought it was just a wacko, hippie nonsense  Not surprisingly, I was wrong, as it is now generally accepted in the scientific community that the critical debris (otherwise known as the chemicals of life) probably entered our planet with the collision of a comet or star.

The foundation of the idea that we are all vibrating in the same resonance (that I talked about in the last article) is much of what quantum physics is investigating. Meanwhile as we say in Texas “How about those’ planets”, swimming in a universe of vibrations and waves.

‘The sense of what is real—the thought if, after all, it should prove unreal, 

 The doubts of day-time and the doubts of night-time—the curious whether and how, 

 Whether that which appears so is so, or is it all flashes and specks?  

Men and women crowding fast in the streets—if they are not flashes and specks, what are they? “

 -Walt Whitman, ‘There was a child went forth‘, Leaves of Grass

What are they, those planets and what are they doing? The Babylonians asked that questions, the Indians, the Chinese, the Mayans and the Greeks.  How are they part of our reality? Are they really out there for us, are we really here because of them, or vice versa.

“When I move, you move

Just like that?

When I move you move

Just like that.”

                               – Ludacris

It’s generally accepted that Sun sign astrology alone is woefully incomplete.  Part of the progress we see is the disclaimer now put out by many astrologers that knowing your ‘rising’ (the time of both and locale) will help you navigate all the astrological information out there.

And so what really doesn’t work for most people is the interpretation they are offered.  And that interpreter is the astrologer whose life experiences and psychic strengths will colour their readings.

I do not believe that every psychic can read for every person. I do believe there is a psychic for every person. Because like the experiments in quantum psychics have validated, even the intention of the researcher can affect the outcome of an experiment. The way an astrologer IS, makes a difference in interpretation.  A great example of this is listening to Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine on their Planet Pulse daily. I don’t know how much I have learned about the planets but I have learned a whole lot about how differently each astrologer thinks about each planet.

There is nothing unusual there. If you have a questionable diagnosis, you get a second opinion until you get a sense of the whole picture. Just as a prism can break down seemingly white light into its multihued, everyone sees a colour differently.  We have a famous, ‘is that red or orange’ ongoing argument in my house.

 But when the eye is clear, the information can be astounding.

 I’ll use an example from the State. There is quite a good astrology magazine there that has spawned some of the astrological names mentioned above. I won’t name names here, email me and I will tell you.

The cover of the magazine for Sept 11, 2001, was a collage of a large building, a plane flying by, stacks of money and flames.  Like the Japanese markers, the information was all there when the cover was designed months before.

I remember sitting with friends of our local ‘alternative’ bookstore. The man responsible for that also did the astrological day by days and, it seems to me, died soon after. But that cover was so frighteningly correct, it was even rumoured that the FBI took an interest. Now I can’t refute every argument you can come up with in this article But once again, a personal experience. 

 There is an astrologer who I find very charming as we had similar aspects; I thought she would be a good one to follow. Everything she said about my weeks occurrences was off or just wrong.  I mean it was amazing. I never got a correct interpretation from her.

“Yeah”, you think that should have done me. But when the US and the Russians were doing (and they may still be I don’t know) experiments in ESP they had some interesting results.

In the US, they were using a ‘What the number I am thinking of’ trial with 2 people in 2 different rooms. One was thinking of a number, the other writing it down. Of course, it was easy to find some people who did quite well, some who were average, and some whose every answer was wrong. Someone noticed that on the papers that were 100%  wrong, they had gotten the right answer to A in the B slot, the C answer in the D slot and all the way down and so they decided that this was also an indicator of ability.

They then retested the 2nd group and consistently found they had the right answer in the following slot. It came down to more than interpretation.  Because these guys were scientists, and I know because I live with one, they were going to turn this information inside out before they came to the conclusion that it is timing and interpretation.

 And timing being an undependable variable, they discontinued this trial. And so maybe my astrologer and I are just lost in timing

 “Let’s do the Time Warp again!’

Let’s do the Time Warp again!”

                                        Rocky Horror Show song lyrics

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