Essentials of Medical Astrology

Essentials of Medical AstrologySince the ancient times the Ayurvedic doctors (Vaids) have been using the knowledge of astrology as a powerful tool to not only diagnose diseases but also to treat them. It was a common practice to cast the birth-chart of the patient to check the onset, severity and the duration of the disease. So the medical aspect of astrology is as old as the study of astrology itself. Before we explore this aspect, let us answer the basic question—“How do the planets affect us?

According to the Vedic Principle-“yatha pinde tatha brahmande”, which literally translated means “As Above So Below”, the subtle and the gross, the solar system and our body and also the basic atomic structure of all animate and inanimate objects is based on a similar pattern and that is –a dense centre surrounded by electrons or planets revolving in their orbits at varying speeds.

At a cursory glance we may not be able to see any co- relation between the planets and us humans. But can we ignore the self-evident effect of sun – the harbinger of life on our planet? Should we not recall the effect of the gravitational pull of moon on the sea waves, causing “jwar-bhata” (high tide and low tide) in the sea on full moon nights? What about the changes in climatic conditions due to direct effect of sun and moon? It is a scientific fact that our blood and sea water have a similar chemical composition i.e.  Both have 80% Sodium, 4% calcium and 4% Potassium; the percentage of Magnesium being different. That is the reason why the gravitational pull of moon causes similar disturbances in the circulation of blood, there is a marked increase in the blood-pressure, epilepsy, mood swings and mental disorders on a full moon night. In the same way all other planets also affect our physical and mental health. 

According to Indian philosophy our past karmas are the cause of our sorrows and disease. This is corroborated by astrological principles and this can be seen in a horoscope in the form of specific planetary configurations called as “graha yogas”. In astrological parlance they are known as “Arishta Yog” and the planets participating in the formation of such yogs are called “Arishta yog karak graha”. Such planets in their major periods, sub-periods (commonly called dasha and antardasha) and transit cause diseases.

As per the astrological principles, the physical body is represented by the ascendant of the birth chart, the mind by the Moon and the soul by the Sun. If there is disharmony in these three, it paves the way for disease. The chart of a healthy person would show a strong Ascendant, a strong Sun and Moon. Similarly other planets represent various organs and affliction to these indicates dis-ease of the related body part.

To be continued in next issue…

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