Broken Edges

Broken Edges

What do you do when you know something isn’t quite working, such as a job, a creative project, a business idea, or a relationship? How do you turn that inner feeling of misalignment into a practical growth experience, so you can ultimately create or discover a better match? I’ll share a pretty straightforward process that …

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Absolute Tao

The Absolute Tao

Those who have known, not by words, not by scriptures but by actually living life, from amongst those very few, Lao Tzu is one. And from amongst those yet fewer persons, who having known, have ceaselessly endeavoured to reveal what they have known, Lao Tzu is one. But the very first experience of those enlightened …

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Meeta Sharma Interview

Interview with Dr. Meeta Sharma- Healer, Psychologist and Psychic

How has been your journey in spirituality? It’s still mid-way since I’m not that old. (Chuckles) I have loved every bit of it. There have been all kinds of days. A brief idea about hypnotherapy? It is about your subconscious mind. It’s dependent on different layers of your mind. It’s clinical hypnotherapy. As Freud has …

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Break Free from the Negative Past

Freedom is not only related to a country, but also from the limited belief system, bad habits, illness, poverty, and so on. For children, freedom to play more is a big thing. For a teenager, freedom is space and non interference of elders in their lifestyle. Women belonging to orthodox family want freedom to work outsi

Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

Why We Choose Misery Instead of Bliss

The only duty you have is to be happy. Make it a religion. If you are not happy, then whatsoever you are doing, something must be wrong and some drastic change is needed. Let happiness decide. I am a hedonist. And happiness is the only criterion man has. So always look at what happens when you do something: if you become peaceful or restful, it is right.

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