Myths and Facts about an Easy Life

Myths and Facts about an Easy LifeLife can be easy

How does that statement feel or sound? Does it look like it’s possible?or is it something that should happen?

Every time I meet a client who has been struggling with something in their life, all I hear them say is I wish I didn’t have that problem. 

My natural question to that is “If you didn’t have that problem, how would your life be?”

Invariably, the answer comes down to, “Oh! It would be so easy.”

I ask, “So would you like an easy life?”

This is the point when clients say, “Yes, But!”

On further conversations, the reasons for this “But” are revealed. 

Reasons why you are unable to manifest or create an easy life

The “But” is followed by certain belief systems or rules according to which we survive, or more appropriately, the mind survives. These beliefs are the limitations we set upon ourself. Some of those beliefs are:

  • If life is easy, it would be boring.
  • Easy and effortless life is very normal and I want to be extraordinary.
  • If I haven’t struggled to achieve something, its not worth it or I don’t deserve it.
  • An easy life is not worth living.
  • I would stop growing if I have an effortless life. 
  • There is no glory in having it easy.
  • The world won’t recognise my achievements if I achieved it effortlessly. 
  • An easy life won’t have any dramatic moments. And a life without drama is boring.

And so on and so forth…

Everyone thinks they want an easy life but when offered, an easy life is not so alluring or attractive. 

We have been trained into thinking that anything you achieve with ease is just not worth it. Our mind is so addicted to problems, that a life without problems almost seems like fantasy. 

And even if someone achieves it, they find it so boring. Because drama provides the adrenaline rush and the mind is so used to it, that lack of drama creates withdrawal symptoms. Sooner than later, one ends up creating and attracting some drama in the easy life. 

Myths and Facts about an easy life

Myth 1: Easy life is a life of inactivity. 

Fact: Easy life has as much activity as any other. The only difference is when living an easy life, you are so much in sync with the universe, things tend to fall in place much more easily. 

Myth 2: It has no action. You do nothing but sit around.

Fact: Easy life has as much activity as in any other life. Only the activity is directed in the right direction. So you are not knocking on closed doors but on doors that will open.

Myth 3: Easy life means surrender and surrender means giving up.

Fact: Surrender does not mean giving up. It does not mean you do nothing. Surrender means you stop struggling in your head, you learn to flow with life. When you surrender, you embrace the direction universe puts you on. When you surrender, you tend to manifest really easily because you get out of your own way, you have surrendered your doubts as well.

Myth 4: A life of ease means no work

Fact: Living an easy life, you will be working as much as, sometimes even more than those not living an easy life. You will get your results easily, your progress will be effortless. Whereas if the life is not easy, one keep working without results. It’s comparable to smart work instead of hard work. 

Myth 5: There is no growth when life is easy because there are no failures.

Fact: Life is made of successes and failures. It will always have its highs and lows. Easy life doesn’t make you immune to life. The difference will be in how you handle the lows and highs. If you are flowing with life, you will embrace the failures and instead of seeing them as blocks or failures, you will see them as an approach that didn’t work. You will perceive them as stepping stones or milestones. You wouldn’t be stuck on feeling sorry or being angry with yourself. Moving on would be easier.

Myth 6: I need to have money to have an easy life.

Fact: Life is not easy because of money or resources. Easy life is an attitude. Easy life is not about having comforts and luxuries. It is about finding ease and joy in everyday things in and around you. If money was the reason behind an easy life, all the rich people would have no problems.

Myth 7: If I don’t struggle for something, I don’t deserve it.

Fact: Being deserving of something has nothing to do with struggling for it. With that belief system, even if one ends up achieving something substantial, there would be new goals to achieve, not a feeling of deserving. A sense of deserving comes from within. It is only when you feel you deserve, that manifesting goals and dreams becomes easier. 

How can you create an Easy Life?

Understand that an easy life is more about attitude and perception. For infants and toddlers, life is easy and simple. They don’t have the beliefs that create blocks. It is when we begin to grow up, we pick up lessons and beliefs that make us believe that we need to fight and struggle to survive, to be worthy and to be heard and seen.

Undoing these beliefs takes some time, but the effort is always worth it. Most of my work with my clients is around creating a life that is easy and purposeful. Why would anyone want a difficult life? The whole struggle is around wanting an easy life but all the beliefs and attitudes that come in the way. 

The healing journey is about shifting the beliefs and creating ease so that life can be free and joyful. Only then can you begin to serve your purpose fruitfully.

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