Resolutions to Bring Healthy Change This New Year

Resolutions to Bring Healthy ChangeAs we prepare for another beginning of new year, many of us are getting ready to make resolutions to change something about our lives in the new year. Some aim to achieve weight loss, some high growth in business or career. Some promise to quit smoking and some aim to hit gym daily. There are so many resolutions we all made each year and then drop in between. Sometimes we are not that determined and sometimes our goals are too high and unrealistic.

To keep promise with ourselves we need positive intention and strong will power. We also need to understand that whatever improvement we want to have is for us only not for others. We are living life for ourselves, for our own satisfaction and joy, not to impress others. So our resolutions are our personal aims. Don’t make them to impress others. Don’t make goals that are too high or unrealistic. If you do so and are not able to achieve, then you tend to lose your self confidence. 

Life is an ever growing process. We keep on learning and growing till our last breath. And sometimes this is also beauty of life to slow down for sometime. Sometime to understand the true essence of life we need unlearn few things. It makes me wonder why we complicate life with too many goals, expectations and illusions?

Life can be more richer if we connect with simple bounties around us. For example, a smiling face, giggling of a child, a butterfly in the garden, kids playing, a small gift and so on. Similarly we can have smaller resolutions before we take big goals. Also it is not necessary to have same old resolutions. I’m sharing few unique ideas of resolutions.

1. Spend some quiet time with yourself.

To understand your dreams you need to understand yourself first. Everybody has their own unique dreams different from others. Every one is born with different abilities and talents. That can be only known with self introspection. So develop a habit of spending time with yourself. You can start with twice or thrice a week by spending five to ten minutes alone. This means no TV or mobile phone with you. 

2. Health is a great asset.

Many people join gym or yoga to improve health. If you can’t afford expensive gym or you don’t like doing exercise in a closed environment or you find exercise boring, then opt for other options. Opt for outdoor games or morning walk in a park. Or you can start playing badminton with your friends. This will be exercise as well as socialisation.

3. Start doing meditation.

This will bring out your hidden potential and creativity. Meditation is a simple yet powerful way to calm your mind. A calm mind can take better decisions. Everyone faces stress in everyday life. Meditation is a great stress buster. 

4. Start getting in touch with real people. 

These days many of us spend most of time with friends on social networking sites. Ninety percent there are friends we never seen, met or known personally. We are getting so much absorbed in these illusionary relationships that we are getting cut off from our real relationships and homes. Even if we are sitting together for a change, we are busy with our phones. We are busy with online friends and no time to understand the emotions of real people around us. The more we are getting attached to our gadgets the more insensitive we are becoming towards people around us. So cut down some time from social networking and gadgets. 

5. Make a list of friends or relatives whom you wanted to meet

Make a list of friends or relatives whom you wanted to meet from many years but couldn’t due to busy life schedule. Make it a priority to get in touch with them. Fix time and meet your old friends. Reliving the past with old friends is also very energetic and refreshing. 

Let’s choose some simple and sweet resolutions this year and bring more positive and healthy change in our lives. 

Wishing you a Joyful and Healthy Happy New Year! 

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