A Secret Invisible Life

A Secret Invisible LifeIn a world which is going crazy, about getting likes and attention at all costs, your heart yearns for invisibility because you know in your depth that none of that can genuinely ever fulfill you. In fact, nothing from the outside can ever honestly come close to filling your heart with the warmth and joy it’s so desperately seeking. ‘Life’, as long as it is an outside-in process, we’ll always lag behind. When Life becomes an Inside Out process, our life begins to brim with aliveness.

When we go through such an understanding inside of ourselves, we seek to disappear. Again, not from the outside but a disappearance of a rare kind is what you’re looking. An inward departure, whereby you’re present, you’re there, and yet no one knows about your presence like a lighthouse which shines absolutely when necessary and is redundant most of the other times.

Ultimately our life’s not about the Facebook pictures, sharing, or the significant number of friends we have, or the work we do, our great spirituality, the amazing body we have or not or anything else for that matter. Ultimately our life’s about us!


We must not miss this chance to dive into the sacred, into the depth of beauty and heart within our being. Not far from us, not anywhere else but in the vast unknown of our breath and being.

A life of simplicity is underrated, in all the calculations, intelligence, and smartness. That, which gets affected the most is the pure, awake loving heart!

When we’re living a simple, serene life, we become undesirable to the world.

But deep down it’s so because everyone recognizes that you can’t be manipulated anymore, you have no agendas, you’re not against or fighting anything nor are you sensationalizing and making things grander than they are. It’s an incredible simplicity, a stillness that subtly renders you useless in the world’s eyes. It’s a life of quietness and sanity. In fact, this is why most of the world fight this with every ounce of their being. This, in turn, is why we are all running away, from the way we are.

For a time it may seem like everyone else is better off than us, in fact far more important, intelligent and busy. But the ones who lead such a life know what they have. They have something that evades most beings their entire life in this gigantic universe. A life full of peace, inward joy and contentment.

Take heart, my beloved friend. The journey you are on is sacred, hard, immense and one of pure beauty and alchemy. If the world ignores it is right, it is because they do not understand how to handle immensity, something which is so very vast and beyond any imagination. You do not need anyone to tell you this, and yet if you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Trust, your life, Trust your pain, Trust your joy and uncertainty. You are magnanimity breathing in and out.  Glorious and Unlimited!

May we all have the grace of living a Heartful life in the coming Year!

Happy New Year 🙂

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