Book Review: Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue

When Doreen began writing Angel messages and guidance for healing methods, she had a lot of unusual chocolate cravings and headaches. At first, she couldn’t understand the reason for it. When she asked angels for guidance, they told her that because she was channeling high-vibrating angelic messages for the book, her low-vibrational diet was causing a clash of vibrations similar to a weather-system storm.

Angel Therapy Book Review
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Archangel Raphael, who is the angel for healing appeared before her and held his stubby index finger between her eyes. She felt a bright green light massaging her forehead. Her chocolate cravings were gone the next day. Her previous chronic acne also cleared up since then. She used all kinds of healing methods to heal her clients and her calendar got jam-packed, removing any last essence of fear in her mind to be openly speaking about angels.

The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue covers the methods and messages that she teaches in her courses. Some of the material is an extraction from her other works ensuring that nothing is left out. It is a resource to awaken one’s clear connection to the divine and lead towards the life purpose of an individual.

About the Author

Doreen Virtue is an American author and a motivational speaker. She graduated from Chapman University in Orange, California, with a B.A, and M.A. in counseling psychology. While going to college, she also volunteered at a Care Unit alcoholism and drug-abuse inpatient center in Palmdale, California. She was later hired for a full-time counseling position.

She left the Care Unit to be Director at the Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center in Lancaster, California (TADAC).  Her passion for eating-disorder counseling got her the opportunity to work under Dr. John Beck, a local psychiatrist. Doctor Beck helped her in opening a center called Victory Weight Management. She helped many people lose weight through counseling, visualizations, and affirmations. She has also frequently appeared on TV and radio talk shows such as Donahue, Geraldo, and Ricki Lake etc. She kept receiving inner guidance to teach spiritual topics, which she resisted because of childhood memories of being teased for being weird. The event of July 15, 1995 changed her view towards this and from then on she was open to talk about angels and the healing methods involving angel therapy. She was saved eventually by a warning from angels which if she had heed to earlier, she wouldn’t have gotten in danger in the first place.

She has written various books, audiobooks and oracle card decks on topics such as angels, fairies, indigo children and ascended masters.

Me says:

I was handed over the Angel Therapy Handbook for a review a week before Christmas. I wouldn’t take it for a coincidence unlike many others. After all, receiving a guidance from angels around the time of Christmas, can be nothing less than a miracle. I felt dense at first when I got it in my hands. A slight shift in my aura later on. Then I realized why I was feeling hesitant to open it. My low-vibrational energies were clashing with those of the higher ones as present in this book.

Sooner, I took it everywhere I went, including the trip to Binsar Valley river camp. Though I didn’t get enough time to read it, there was an inner satisfaction that ‘everything will be alright!’ while I carried it around in my bag pack. Like the author, Doreen, this book also has a motivational section, where one gets to know about their life purpose and what action steps to take right now. How putting yourself out there can be all about your personal growth is also illustrated herein.

Yes, the good news is that this book has all the information you need about angels, and their healing methods. How one can talk to them and know whether you’re a clairvoyant or clairsentient or even a claircognizant, is all discussed by Doreen under the First Section of this book. You can also know more about your guardian angels and learn about mediumship.

‘Ever been to?’ Verdict

Agrasen ki BaoliThis book is like going to Agrasen ki Bowli, the more steps you take into it, a different awakening takes place every time.

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