Interview with a Psychic and Healer – Sunny Etimaal

Sunny Etimaal
Sunny Etimaal

We went through your website earlier and got to know a little bit about your childhood memories. What was that experience like? What inspired you to be in this field?

Childhood experiences of psychic attacks, encounters with ghosts, spirits, and entities that were scary. . I couldn’t sleep in the dark till I was 17. There were photos of serpents and snakes, who wanted to talk to me. But I didn’t know how to. Back in the 90s, when I was around 13 or 14 years old, I was diagnosed with brain fever. Doctors couldn’t find a cure for it then. Psychics told me that my death was near. At the age of 19, my house was affected with Black Magic and I was attacked by several spirits. I was trapped in a single room for 6 months. I couldn’t eat or drink.

Some healers and psychics helped me during this phase. There’ve been people who came to help me but after that, there was no sign of their identities. They gave me messages and told me what to do about it.

I had to keep learning things over and over again. The day I realized ‘who I am’, it was my turn to scare the things that scared me earlier. I fought with the spirits, witches, semi-goddesses, ghosts, and djinns. I went to every place you cannot imagine. Shiva-Shakti visited me. There were so many things that happened one by one. There was always help available for me, since I turned 19. Today I’m 32.

I’ve encountered faceless witches. 6 spirits possessing one single body. I’ve seen people wanting to kill their own child, because of their love affairs. There were Kul-Devi and Kul-Devta involved in those cases, where I stepped in to save these people from being butchered. There’s nothing really left to surprise me.

What is meant by ‘Black Magic’?

There’s no colour of Magic. If you intend to hurt someone, it becomes black magic. Taking away someone else’s free will or when you kill, sacrifice someone or use their blood, it is black magic. When you call any ghosts, souls, archangels, demons, semi-god, goddesses, or any supernatural creature to hurt someone, it is black magic. These supernatural creatures can be called for good or bad.

For example, if you think that something is right and magic can be used to achieve it, whereas, I don’t approve of it. For you, it will be white magic but for me, it’ll be black magic. It’s all about from which side, you perceive it.

What is ‘healing’?

Shifting the thoughts and energies of a being is healing. For any plant, animal or human, if a mother is touching them, passing on her love and warmth, that’s all they need to heal. To put it simply, all we need is love.  Peace is attained at once. In order to heal someone, you need to first listen to them. Healing is required because no one is listening to them. It is important to identify what their real problem is – mental, emotional or physical. Then, you start working on it. Generally, a human being is in the form of a solid physical body. But I tell you, it’s made up of million tiny particles and if I shift 2 here and 2 there, thereby changing your energy and thoughts, healing will happen. But, the free will of the person wanting to be healed is essential. Without that, the process becomes tough.

Every human was given an aura by the God to protect them from every kind of magic and when a free will is obtained, the aura opens up for healing to begin.

Okay. So, what happens when the negative energies don’t flow out of our systems?

Imagine stagnant water. What happens to it over a period of time? Decay. Same is the case of humans as well. Take cancer, for instance. Cancer occurs when your body wants to tell you, ‘Hey! You’re not living like I want you to live. So, I’m going to start a new body of my own.’ In a way, cancer is nothing but collection of our negative thoughts. We aren’t allowing those thoughts to flow. Eventually, cancer will occur at the weakest point in your body or around the weakest Chakra in your body. All diseases happen for the same reason. But, cancer is majorly because of the negativity that stays stagnant in your system. Metaphysics explains the reasons behind every disease. Diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, bone problems, all have specific reasons to manifest in your body.

How do we ensure a smooth flow of negative energy out of our systems? Let’s say, someone has wronged me and holding a grudge against them is going to affect the rest of my life. What to do about it?

There are many ways. Firstly, you have to forgive the other person. If you’re not able to do that, then you can book a session where the healer will relax you, make you visualize cords connecting you to the other person and you cut those cords with a knife or a sword. In case the cords are getting connected again and again with the other person, then you burn the cords from the roots.

You have to notice what the kind of connection to the other person is. Is it physical, mental or emotional? If it’s a mental thought, then crown chakra and third eye chakra are involved. Suppose I just want to communicate to the other person, then throat chakra is involved. For the feeling of love, heart chakra is related. If you have a feeling, ‘I can only have happiness from that particular person’, then solar plexus chakra comes into picture. Sexual pleasures, sacral and the root chakra. The feeling of ‘I can only be successful if that person is around me’, the root chakra and the filter chakras at the bottom of our feet are involved.

Likewise, you have to find the chakras concerned, as per the thought, you have to pull out those cords from the respective chakras and burn them from both persons’ sides.

Our readers want to know, is it possible to solve all the life problems according to you?

No. If you solve all the problems, what will be left of ‘Life’?

Umm…A happy state perhaps?

There’s no happy state. There’s no sad state. It’s your own thought. The creation of our minds, creation of your emotions, of your physical body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re happy or sad. If we consider the Universe, our happiness or sadness doesn’t matter because we’re like a millionth piece of dust. We make ourselves so important, that we think that the Universe revolves around us. One’s definition of ‘happiness’ differs that from another’s. My definition can be that of ‘solitude’ whereas, your definition can that be of a ‘party’.

Are you into Life Coaching?

Yes I am. But I rarely coach now because most people don’t want to work on themselves. They want someone to hand them a magic wand, a payment made in lakhs and they’re like, ‘Okay. Fine. It’s done!’ It doesn’t happen like that. They need to work on themselves. If someone’s poor, I don’t charge. If someone can afford, I do. All they need is materialistic pleasure. There are very few people who really want to be coached. No one really wants to be coached, to be honest!

Was there any opposition from your family when you started this journey?

A lot. My father said, ‘You’re becoming a pandit!’ My mother was also against it. She said, ‘You’ve done engineering and with such a brilliant mind, you can do so much more.’ My father wanted me to join his business if not a job. They made me sit for my business too. I used to go to my office every day. I met my clients during the day and learned magic at night.

Any incidence that you’d like to share about your journey of learning magic?

I met a lady who told me to meditate at 3 am in the morning. I had an online conversation with another woman when I was only 19 who asked me to chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times each day for 30 days. Along with this, she also told me to use incense stick and its ashes in the process at a certain time to awaken my inner self. I still have her chat saved with me. The only fee she wanted  was to not have any ego about whatever I achieve in the future in the magical world. She told me to never let any ego be a hindrance in my path. I keep reading this chat often as a reminder. Spending several hours in meditation really helped me find my answers.

Shiva-ShaktiHow would you describe your encounter with Shiva-Shakti energies?

It cannot be described in words. That feeling! You can’t define the touch of the divine. It’s beyond this world. It’s like you’re zoned out. You don’t have any idea what’s happening. You know they’re there with you. They’re not what you usually see. You see Shiva and Shakti in a certain way, in the form of idols. That’s not true. They’re just energies but they can show themselves to you how you want to see them.

But, just the vision is incomplete. The feeling is way beyond. You feel as if you don’t need anything besides that. A silence. A sense of relaxation. Contentment. You’re happy. Time is not important in that moment. You lose track of time. I can’t define or draw it. It’s just a point where you can see who you are and how you’ve come here.

Do you believe in ‘reincarnation’?


Any experience you’d like to share of the same?

How many do you want me to? (Chuckles) I have seen almost all my previous births, more than thousands, in fact, since the time this Universe was created till today. I know about my first birth. I even know about the future. But everything keeps on changing- past, present and future. I’ve been a saint, a demon, a warrior, different creatures, and many other beings.

It’s believed that Swami Vivekananda died from poison but in reality, he died from bursting of a nerve in his body. While he was in Saadhana, he was playing with the energies of Kundalini, but that energy is so powerful, that you can even die if you don’t know how to handle it. That’s how his nerve burst resulting in his death.

I learnt tarot from a lady within two days. I asked her to teach me dowsing. That happened in 3 minutes. That’s it. 3 minutes. After that, of course, dal makhani, naan and paneer ki sabzi (laughs). If people want to enter in spirituality, my advice would be to go with Saadhana because once you’re full with it, every door will open for you. You don’t need a guru, or books or crystals. Just Saadhana. That’s how it worked for me.

What is ‘Life’, according to you?

Life is an opportunity, given to us to know ourselves. Everything else is just noise.

What is your ‘Life purpose’?

To know myself. That’s all.

What is ‘freedom’?

There’s no such thing. Mere illusion. People think they’re free but they aren’t. They’re bound by their own thoughts. Bound by their own karma. They don’t know how to come out of that. So, freedom doesn’t exist. There’s no religion, or countries or caste systems. They’re all illusions created by humans to rule others. Created by 1% to rule the 99% others.

So, if a person says that I don’t have the freedom to do anything in my personal life, are you suggesting that it’s a mere creation of their mind?

Absolutely. If someone considers themselves ‘free’, you can ask them what’s stopping them from doing anything in their lives according to their own wishes.

What is ‘Tantra’?

Tantra’ is something that is considered totally ‘sexual’ in India, considered as Yoni Pooja in Europe, and in USA, it means to sit topless around a bonfire. In reality, it is something that very few people know. You need 2 people, a male and a female in Tantra. The reason for it is that it’s a combination of Shiva-Shakti energy. It originated when Shiva and Shakti were having sex. While Shakti was sitting on the phallus (penis) of Shiva, they talked about the means to be enlightened in another way.

The right hand path suggests meditation as a way to achieve enlightenment. So you have to meditate and remove all the thoughts, patterns, karmas such that you’ll have to burn yourself up. But as Kalyuga is a different period altogether, it demands a new trend for enlightenment, also known as the ‘left hand path’ or ‘Tantra’. Many people have tried both the paths to attain Moksha, but once they do get there, they claim to have used only the right hand path.

Buddha also experimented with the left hand path, but nobody wants to show that as it will be controversial for people to follow.

Osho is the only person who preaches sex in a way that is normal. It doesn’t matter whether you wear clothes or not. He has theories behind everything, driven from the conversation between Shiva-Shakti energies.

So, Tantra. Yes, it needs Yoni Poojan. Yes, one needs to be topless. Of course, the sexual part also exists in it. But all these things are just the starting. More of a gateway. While having sex, our mind is always wandering here and there, except for the last one minute of orgasm. The end part, or the orgasm is a state of Zero thought, wherein you don’t have any thought in your mind. A state of total bliss. To enter into Tantra, you have to be in that state of Zero thought for hours!

That’s why the sex is a part of Tantra, to open the gateway to a different origin of another realm. You can either open this through meditation or through Tantra. Physical laws don’t exist in it. If someone’s DNA has to be changed, it can be done through this. Even someone’s appearance can be changed through it. Body parts too can be changed. Diseases can also be cured.

Any particular experience you’d like to share?

There are so many. I once cured a disease where a person had worms in their small intestine and the doctor told them the person cannot be healed. The person could only eat curd throughout her life, as per the doctors, because whenever that lady did eat, her stomach used to bloat. Those worms couldn’t be killed by any operation or medicines. Small intestine couldn’t be operated altogether as it is so small. I burned those worms using Tantra. The doctors couldn’t believe it.

How has been your journey in the field of ‘Healing’?

Quite a lot of variations. I’ve seen the highs. Been at the lows as well. But, my connection with the divine has always increased. I’ve had times when I doubted their support for me, though they’ve always been there for me. My spiritual guides. I’ve been in the limelight as well, at one point of time and I’ve also had times when there wasn’t even a single client. I believe in the divine and I know if I need something, it’ll come to me. I don’t need to know how.

How is crystal healing different than other forms of healing?

They are all the same. See, crystal is a collection of energy and information bound together since past many years. Every Quartz structure is formed by water and carbon over thousands of years, which may even be millions of years, for all we know. Crystals collect thoughts from everywhere in our surroundings and store it, just as a book. Coming in contact with a crystal or touching it is like entering a library. Whatever good energies your body needs, it will flow from the crystal into you. At the same time, the crystal will also absorb your thoughts and energies in it. All crystals have their own aura. Their auras interact with your aura and a shift of energy takes place. That is what healing is about.

People have various diseases these days, related to nervous systems, bone problems, diabetes etc. Can you suggest crystals for them?

No. Every person has a specific reason for such problems. Hence, they can’t be categorized in one heading and be given a crystal for it. There may be diverse causes for the same problem in different individuals. They all have different set of energies. 

If you hadn’t been a healer, what would you have been?

No clue. Honestly! I don’t even want to be a healer. I don’t want to help people or practice magic or occult. I had several offers at my table after my degrees, which I didn’t accept. The world is like a Matrix. It ensures some glitch takes place so that I don’t move away from following my path.

A message for our readers?

Chill. By doing whatever you can. If by teaching or imparting knowledge to someone, you feel good, do that! If you get peace by feeding the poor, sure! If you want to dance on the road, be my guest! You have one life. You don’t remember your past and you won’t get to see your future. By the time you enter your future, it would already be your present. So, enjoy the moment till it lasts.

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