Author name: Rohit Sasvehalli

Rohit Sasvehalli is a coach and facilitator, having worked with thousands over 9 years. His unshakeable faith in the depth and potential of the human spirit led to his founding Mithrandir. Mithrandir is a wise guide, friend and counsel who helps you look within yourself for your answers with deep calm and clarity. Mithrandir reveals the impact of our lives, and the sense of greater awe and discovery that we can lead it withHe Has a deep understanding of the ontological coaching approach (focused on the being) and the subtler nuances of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Gestalt (Feeling centric approach) among many other approaches. Off lately he has also been integrating these with many other creative methods of investigation such a film therapy, poetry, creative writing, games etc He has served as visiting faculty in various prestigious management colleges and has coached and facilitated for middle & top management teams in various reputed organisations.He is deeply devoted to and fascinated by what lies inside of the human spirit, the profoundness of it and how magnanimous it is. To discover this immensity and if let travel free is a thing of rare beauty. That is the attempt in everything he does.Fb Page Link: Rohit at

Roots of Relationship

Roots of Relationships

Relationships are an invitation for each one of us to dive and look inside of ourselves. A very real and practical ground for spirituality to flower within us and discover all shades, aspects of ourselves. With the busyness of our lives, and the habitual patterns we are caught up in, we often do not look tenderly and intimately within ourselves and see the undercurrent of our relationships. Are we innocent, vulnerable, genuine?  In a very simple human way, are we in connection with ourselves and the significant others in our lives?

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