Predictions for 2018 according to Moon Signs

2018 PredictionsIn 2018 the placement of Saturn, also called the justice planet, will be in Sagittarius throughout. This planet teaches you to take things seriously, value opportunities and respect everyone. Jupiter will be in Libra bringing lots of improvements and changes this year. Rahu in Cancer and Ketu in Capricorn will give mixed results, and both the moon’s nodes will be in the same sign throughout the year.   


Aries have a lot of opportunities in 2018 but will have to work hard to acquire wealth, success, love and peace. Face your obstacles and problems with confidence. Take care of your expenses from March to July. Some issues regarding family life can sprout but try to solve them with little compromise. Do not venture into a new business from April to September. Overall 2018 is quite favorable for you.


This year is productive and filled with lots of happiness and peace. However, there may be temper issues which should be taken care of as they may hamper your relationships. Career prospects look good in 2018, and some good news might be on its way regarding the same but avoid changing jobs from March to July. Career demands special attention. Possibility of foreign travel is also indicated. Have patience and do work hard. Don’t venture out for new business this year. A favorable news is expected regarding your spouse as well.


Geminis are blessed with energy and valour this year. You can expect many opportunities will come your way, but along with fortune, obstacles and opposition are also there. Due to exalted Mars from May to November, Geminis have to be cautious towards enemies and accidents. Don’t make promises that you cannot stick to, maintain integrity. This year, if you lend money, it will be a problem to retrieve the same. Also, be careful of what you speak.


This year Cancerians should not expect anything or expect less from everything and everyone, nonetheless should try to be positive. There will be work pressure, but income sources may increase due to immediate opportunities. You have to be extra careful this year while making decisions. Focus on opportunities than pondering over useless thoughts. Rahu is with natal moon which is behind all the havoc. Don’t let Rahu overshadow your mind and you’ll come out of it shining brightly. Keep up your confidence level. Planets will give you lots of courage and energy in 2018. An opportunity in the form of property deal or business proposal can come your way. When it comes to the household, try to uphold family time.


You will have lots of opportunities this year and will feel energetic and positive. Make efforts to enhance your destiny if you want growth in life. Anger and ego issues should be taken care of besides staying away from your foes. Work-related travel opportunities might transpire during March to July and possibilities of buying a home also exists this year. Take care of your health.


Virgos will have strong communication skills this year. You will feel energetic and confident. From May to November, be aware of your anger, verbal communication and hasty decisions which might ruin your growth. Do not trust anyone regarding business after May and don’t buy a house/property this year. But if you do, check all documents properly before the purchase. Shower respect and love to your spouse and their parents. Fulfil your commitments.   


Librans will be more energetic at the beginning of 2018. Expect some functional changes in your life. You will be rewarded for your hard work this year along with a few opportunities that might come your way. Just stay positive and focused towards your goal. If you are looking for a change in the job, go ahead. Businesspeople will have an excellent financial year, and a possibility of an overseas journey is expected to arouse during January to March. Also, you need to control your anger as being straightforward or rude to others may cause problems in your personal and professional life. If you want to enjoy a blissful life, then keep a check on your words. Libra natives need to take care of their health as this year doesn’t seem right on those terms. Spend more time with your family.


Scorpio natives will face some challenges especially in the workplace but it will be progressive. You will have to work hard this year for better results and to earn a good income. There are favorable chances this year for students interested in going abroad. Domestic/marital life will be harmonious and spouse will be enterprising and supportive. Pay attention to your health and take care of it during January to March.


Though March to May will be little low, this year is good for Sagittarius natives. Professionally, 2018 will provide many opportunities. Income flow will increase until March, but you need to be careful regarding career and earnings from March to July. A possibility of settling or traveling to foreign land also exists. Try to be in good shape as health issues might sprout after October. Your spouse needs to pay attention to their health as well. Domestic life will be harmonious if you watch your words.


2018 will be a learning period where you will also develop spiritual inclination. This year is about improving your weaknesses, and it also seems to be a favorable time moneywise. Foreign connections can get incomes and earnings.

But you need to be cautious with any paperwork, need to stay away from controversy at the workplace and maintain good relations with your superiors/seniors. After October you will enjoy good personal life. Students will be more inclined towards learning new things. And most importantly, take care of your health.


Aquarians are expected to be in good health this year, and their decisions will lay the foundation for their growth. On the professional front, with your hard work, you would be able to enhance your financial status, impress colleagues with your style and skills and will be more productive & wise this year. Diplomacy and prudence are needed. Some deals from abroad may be there. Long journeys are indicated too. On the household front, you should be gentle towards family members and care for your children. So mostly, this year is progressive and positive for Aquarius but talking, sharing and caring is needed.


You need to pay attention to your regimen until October 2018 so following a healthy diet and exercising is very important. Follow a healthful lifestyle as stomach issues can crop up. Also, take care of your mother’s health. Do not stress yourself this year. Marital life will be good, and your relationship with your spouse will strengthen. Positive time expected after October, and at the end of the year when Jupiter will transit, improvement in the career is anticipated as well. However, do not look for shortcuts. Seniors will be demanding because of which you have to put extra efforts besides avoiding gossip, politics and keeping a check on what you say. Take care of your finances in January, and any deal should be undertaken in February. After February income will flow. Journey to a foreign land for work is possible, but undesired travel might be there as well. Additionally, change of current residence is indicated. Students will be moody.

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