Interview with Dr. Meeta Sharma- Healer, Psychologist and Psychic

Meeta Sharma Interview
Photography by Hemant Mathur

How has been your journey in spirituality?

It’s still mid-way since I’m not that old. (Chuckles) I have loved every bit of it. There have been all kinds of days.

A brief idea about hypnotherapy?

It is about your subconscious mind. It’s dependent on different layers of your mind. It’s clinical hypnotherapy. As Freud has pointed out in his Iceberg analogy, the top part, the one you can see of an iceberg is the conscious mind and the part which you can’t, the one that’s beneath is the subconscious mind. So, the hypnotherapy addresses this part beneath, by unlocking the subconscious mind.

I have worked with a lot of people with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders. I love working with adolescents. Hypnotherapy addresses your core issues to clarify why you’re experiencing such anxiety. Maybe a person had a childhood trauma or maybe they were abused as a child. Cognitive behavior therapy and Neuro-linguistic programming are all linked to hypnotherapy.

For example, if I’m a five-year-old and my ice-cream fell on the floor. For me, as a kid, that was traumatizing, and my mind will retain it. When I turn 21, I can look back at it and laugh, but my five-year-old self was traumatized which nobody dealt with. Maybe that’s why I do have anxiety as an adult. It could be as silly as that. It may seem silly but it exists because my emotional mind or my subconscious mind is like a baby. That’s where the hypnotherapy really works.

Is it possible for a being to unlearn everything for the transformation to happen in their lives?

The question is does that person really want to ‘unlearn’? Do they think those patterns aren’t working for them anymore? If a person is not open, it’s not going to happen.

What does ‘Love’ mean to you?

Everything. We’re all love. That’s the only emotion which makes you go round in a spin.   That’s what Kabir wrote about or Rumi spoke of. That’s what Yash Chopra and Karan Johar make so much money on. (Laughs) It’s the only basic emotion, I’d say.

So, where all have you been to?

Given that I’m from an army background, I’ve traveled to almost all the places in the North. A few places in the South. Punjab, Assam, North-east, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai, Goa. My father was posted in Jabalpur when we went to Orissa. I was 9 or 10 years old to witness that sunset on the beach.

I’ve also been to a few places in Europe. Paris, Rome etc. I’ve also been to London a few times. I studied in Scotland for a bit. I pursued an M.Sc. in Psychology from there. I went to Bali, Malaysia, and Dubai a couple of times. I want to travel more of Europe and Australia.

I really loved the kebabs in Lucknow, though I’m a vegetarian now.

How was your experience in Scotland?

I didn’t want to come back. I think I found ‘me’ there. Like parts of me, that had gone missing with time. I think I found a new version of me.

Anything in particular that you’d like to share?

I remember going to the Highlands. There was this road, where on one side the mountains stood and on the other side, there was a beach. The sun was shining above with the wind blowing right across our faces. So, we had a little bit of everything. All elements. Looking up at the sky, I was standing still, mesmerized by the whole scene. I captured a picture of it too. I made some really good friends there. It was a really good experience.

How was your encounter with the Shamans?

I met this one woman. [Tiffany] She has these bright blue wise eyes like an owl. She did a ceremony for me. I’ll never forget that. I still remember holding her hand and thanking her. I met quite a lot of people. Since the UK is more of pagans, druids, and Celtics, so I met quite a few there.

Talking about druids, how does Merlin therapy work?

Merlin therapy or ‘Merlin Trinity’ as we call it, is based on magic. But people don’t talk about it. Lord Merlin was a very powerful magician. He understood that magic is always in ‘three’. A lot of it is guided by Hecate. Merlin gave the law of ‘three’ to the society at large. Merlin Trinity works on his energy. It works on symbols. That’s how we channel it, although I, personally use crystals. Here, this is a Merlin crystal.

(Showing us the Merlin crystal)

merlin crystal

What is ‘occult’?

When I was younger, it meant everything that is mystic and magical. That’s what the dictionaries will also tell you. But to me, it is a way of life. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. If there’s no mystery and you know pretty much everything there is to know, then we wouldn’t exist. It’ll be very boring.

What is beyond Death?

That’s a very interesting question! There’s another life. There are so many lives. There’s so much. I was going to say, ‘Life begins after death.’ It’s a completely different reality. There are so many people who talk about it, who have come back from the dead. There’s this friend of mine who had flatlined. She told me she was free there but when she came back to her body she felt like she was in a matchbox. But it’s a different experience in this world too. Like Shakespeare said, ‘All the world is a stage’ and we are all actors playing our parts. So play it well. Make fun. Laugh. Don’t be sad.

How many of your previous births have you been to through past life regression?

I just got it done twice. I’ve been to a few of my previous births. But I guess, there were around 10 that I’ve seen. Very interesting ones.

Any one experience you’d like to share?

Well, I could tell you about my Egyptian past life. I was always attracted to Egypt. Even as a kid, I used to dress up as Cleopatra. My past life was of a priestess. I remember seeing myself in white robes. With a lot of gold. Egyptians were obsessed with gold. I carried a dagger. I saw myself praying. I remember feeling very lonely. Like this profound feeling gripping me. Maybe I was single in that life. I didn’t have a man or a woman. I felt as if there was no human love. There was love for the deity I prayed to, which was Isis! I felt a lack.

According to you, what’s the path of being one with the divine or to be enlightened?

Create your own path.  Experiment. Go crazy. Colour your hair blue. Or Red. Or whatever you want to. Do what you need to. Don’t sit at home and put yourself in a box. If you do, you’ll never find God. We have to travel. That’s why yogis travel to the Himalayas, to meditate. But go within. Travel within. Sit down every day. Establish a practice. If you don’t have a practice, you don’t have much. It could also change every day. You can decide to change your practice for each day. So go crazy but anchor on something. When you’re floating, this anchor is what keeps you stable.

How do you manage to stay so beautiful?

(Laughs) Thank you for the compliment. It’s what you have inside that reflects outside. You see me as ‘beautiful’ because you want to see me as beautiful. That means there is beauty in you.

Is there any other field that you’d have chosen, as a profession?

No. Not at all. Not ever. I keep getting people who try to push me to other directions though. But I love where I am. I do keep myself updated and that’s why I never get bored. I want to do more of course but I never feel that I should be in another profession. I gave up a successful corporate career to be here.

What can you tell us about coffee cup reading?

It is based on your breath. Your breath knows everything. Your breath is your prana. Coffee has absorbing qualities. It was found many centuries ago. Initially, it was only allowed to be used by the kings as they’d found its taste to be really intoxicating and playing with your sense of taste. They also noticed that it started forming a few symbols at the bottom of the cup and since there were a lot of prophecies like any race has. They realized that the cup could actually be used for divination. Over time, it has been used for fortune telling, but I don’t use it for fortune telling. It’s more for guidance, like ‘What are my blocks now?’ My breath knows it all. It’s my prana. My connection to the divine. If I’m not breathing correctly, I’m not really living. Given the absorbing qualities of coffee, it picks up these symbols through your breath. So you learn to read the cup and you understand what it means.

Every cup is different. It’s very intuitive. It’s not just symbols, which is what I’ve realized now. It’s like a tool, just as cards.

I got to know I’ve had the privilege to be spiritual in my previous births and maybe I carried it on to many births, So this isn’t the only time, I guess.

What does healing really do? Suppose, if a person is coming to you with a few issues, what will really happen with healing?

It depends on what you want from it. The intention of the healer also matters, of course. If it isn’t good, it will not work. It’s an infinite power which comes from the divine. We are just channels. It can change your body chemistry. It can alter your cells. It can alter your tissues. Your organs. Anything and everything. It can cut cell memories. It can change your DNA. It can even alter your past, present or future. Like the possibility is infinite. It depends on what you want from it.

Suppose you want a car. Great! We’ll manifest a car. If you want a chakra cleanse, we’ll do that. Say, if you want to experience Goddess energy, we’ll do that!

tarot book
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When did you learn Tarot?

It taught me! I didn’t learn it. I had a very dear friend. I’d just passed my 12th, I wanted to try this course to become an anchor. I met this friend there. I saw a deck of cards with her. I was so enamoured! One day I just went and picked up the deck. I started reading the cards. I still remember I used to make these notes in my tiny ‘Om’ diary, for each reading I did initially.

I also picked up a book by Joan Bunning called ‘Learning the Tarot’. I think it is one of the best-written tarot books. She did a fabulous job. So one day my brother called me to do a tarot reading. At that time, I wasn’t doing it on a professional level. But I did it. Since then, I never looked back, Tarot found me.

Who is your guardian angel?

Oh, you mean how many are there? (Chuckles) I have many. They’re all very interesting. One is Lea. She came to me while I was meditating. She’s very sorted in life. And, no! She’s not like Princess Leia. (Chuckles) That’s what I remember her telling me, ‘No, I don’t have golden hair!’ She’s my guardian spirit. My guide. Then, there’s Mary. She’s much younger. There’s one more whom I haven’t been able to speak with. A little child-like energy. I still don’t have a name. Then, there’s a man. I don’t have his name either. So, there are four of them.

I have many…many angels. I can actually feel the room filling up when the help is required. Archangel Michael is the one I like to work with. I have a lot of spirit animals as well. There’s Zoos, who is a Jaguar and is usually at my feet space. I remember coming across him when I was really sick. I really needed the protection that time and he just kinda growled approaching me.

Then there’s beautiful Sheeba, who’s a wolf and always on my left. She’s a female wolf. She’s white with flicks of grey and black.

Any message you’d like to give our readers?

Now, that’s a very tricky one! There’s a lot that I’d like to say but I would only leave everyone with this thought. That is, ‘We’re here for a purpose, you know. We’re here for something. It’s not limited to our job or, children, our mother or father. It’s not also limited to ourselves. But we’ve forgotten ourselves in the whole process. And because we’ve forgotten ourselves, we’ve moved away from Mother Nature. If you go back in history, people who lived in harmony with nature, were the happiest. That’s pretty much I’d like to leave everyone with.

Take care of your body, your mind. Your spirit and your soul. And take care of Mother Nature. If you piss her off, we’re gone. She’s the ultimate nurturer. She’s the only one who turns shit into fertilizers. C’mon! Take care of her. Use stuff that is bio-degradable, that is natural. That doesn’t harm the planet. The beautiful resources she’s given us. Don’t abuse yourself. Don’t abuse Mother Nature. What you put into your body is how you’ll think and what you’ll give out. Eat well. Eat as raw as you can. Do your yoga. Be happy. Give love. And be loved.

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